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Paralegal Studies Assignment

Added on - 13 Apr 2020

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PARALEGAL STUDIES 2Section OnePrepare the Notice of Appeal and the Cover Page for Sam Kant’s appellate brief thatwas assigned in Lesson Three. The trial court and the correct appellate court should bebased on your jurisdiction.ANSWER – 1See the attachment for the completed Notice of Appeal. The Cover Page remains thesame as used in the Appellate Brief.Section TwoExplain the difference between an external memo of law and an internal memo of law.ANSWER – 2LegalDefinitionof anInternal Memodescribes it as a note which is sent by a juniorattorney to a senior attorney in a Law Office. Such a memo is usually used for assessingall the legal aspects connected with a client’s case and these could be in favour of oragainst the client.It is sometimes referred as ‘A Legal Brief’ and involves a commenton a motion or any other issue which arises during the trial period. AnExternal Memocan also be a communication or a brief but it is used for sharing the information orcomments with an external source, such as the client or another attorney, sometimesthose of the opposing party.Section ThreeBrief any cases that you are planning on citing to in your appellate brief that wasassigned in lesson 3. Refer to Statsky Chapter 7 for briefing opinions.ANSWER – 3Crocker National Bank v. City and County of San Francisco(1989) 49 Cal.3d 881This case addresses the question raised by two issues. The first issue concerns theclassification of an item of personal property as real property for taxation purposes. Thesecond issue concerns the review of on appeal after this test has been conducted by thetrial court. The classification should be based on whether a reasonable person canconsider the property in question as a real property, after taking into consideration the
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