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Paramedics refer to healthcare professionals Assignment

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Paramedics refer to healthcare professionals, predominantly foundto work in pre-hospital and out-of-hospital settings, who form anintegral part of certain emergency medical services (EMS).The scope of paramedic practice often varies between differentcountries. However, it generally includes the process ofautonomous decision making that is related to emergency care ofpatients. One such emergency situation frequently encountered bythe paramedic professionals includes cardiac arrest. This conditionrefers to the sudden loss of blood flow that results in failure of theheart to pump blood in an efficient manner.This condition most often leads to loss of consciousness, andabsence of breathing. Thus, a paramedic plays an essential role ininitial assessment of such patients, while providing necessaryemergency care services.MethodScope of paramedic practice to improve survival among cardiac arrestpatientsName of the StudentName of the UniversityThe role of a paramedic encompasses managing the airways,understanding emergency pharmacology, restoring bodytemperature, improving neurological outcomes, and enhancingthe overall survival of the patients.Paramedics should implement techniques to create an openpathway in the lungs. Furthermore, chest compressions andrescue of breathing will also help in providing emergency reliefto the patients.Paramedic should also focus on implementing therapeutichypothermia to reduce cardiovascular instability, and to protectthe brain from ischemia.IntroductionA comprehensive search of three electronic database namely,PubMed, CINAHL, and MEDLINE was conducted with the use ofappropriate search terms and boolean operators. Full-text articlespublished in English, on or after 2013 were selected. 5 articles wereselected for the review.AimThe review was aimed to identity the potential role of paramedicprofessionals in treating patients who have suffered cardiac arrest.The review also aimed to investigate whether the commoninterventions implemented by paramedics improved the survivalrates of cardiac arrest patientsResultsConclusionThe paramedics are offered higher responsibility and autonomy,while providing emergency care assistance to all patients. Thus,the paramedics play an important role in restoring the circulationand breathing of the cardiac arrest patients by CPR,resuscitation, and hypothermia.AuthorsSummary of findingsHasegawa K, Hiraide A, Chang Y,Brown DF. 2013CPR with advanced airwaymanagement acted as a significantpredictor of poor neurologicaloutcomes among cardiac arrestpatients, in comparison to theconventional bag-valve maskventilation emergency servicesRubertsson S, Lindgren E, Smekal D,Östlund O, Silfverstolpe J, Lichtveld RA,Boomars R, Ahlstedt B, Skoog G,Kastberg R, Halliwell D. 2014No major differences were observed inthe 4-hour survival rates of allpatients, having received manual ormechanical CPRNehme Z, Andrew E, Bernard S, SmithK. 2015Significant improvements and highersurvival rates, followed by favorableneurological outcomes were reportedamong patients, following arrival orparamedic professionalsMoler FW, Silverstein FS, Holubkov R,Slomine BS, Christensen JR, NadkarniVM, Meert KL, Clark AE, Browning B,Pemberton VL, Page K. 2015No significant difference was observedin the survival rates of cardiac arrestpatients, who were exposed totherapeutic hypothermia andnonhypothermiaKim F, Nichol G, Maynard C, HallstromA, Kudenchuk PJ, Rea T, Copass MK,Carlbom D, Deem S, Longstreth WT,Olsufka M. 2014Pre-hospital cooling was found toreduce the core temperature byhospital arrival and also reduced thetime needed to reach the optimumtemperature of 34°C, but did not affectsurvival rate or neurological outcomesFindings
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