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Eagle Eye Project Update: Schedule, Risk Management, Organizational Structure, and Budget

Added on -2019-09-22

This update covers the development of the project schedule, resolving resource issues, additional milestones, risk management planning, organizational structure comparison, company culture, and budget. It also suggests changes to reduce the project duration and cost.
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Part 1The current task was to develop the project schedule. The project schedule can be found in the accompanied MS Project file EagleEyePart1.No specific assumptions are considered till this point of schedule development as per the requirements. Two new tasks inserted:1.5.6: P1 Build Complete1.6.6: P2 Build Complete Part 21.Over-allocation issue resolved and the schedule can be seen in MS Project file EagleEyePart2.2. Resolving resource issues:a. The issue of over-allocation was resolved by changing the duration of the activities to the available dates.b. Due to resource constraints, the overall schedule extended from the originally expected.c. Few of the tasks that changed on the critical path are Component Selection, Durability Testing, PCB modifications, Tolerance Analysis, and others.3. Additional MilestonesAs per the new addition, the latest date to contact the production manager is Monday, October 09, 2017 and the RA house is 06.03.2017 which is eight weeks before RA testing. 4. MemoTo: Ms EngineerFrom: Date: 19.05.2017Re: Eagle Eye Project UpdateThe expected date for the project completion is May 18, 2018. The total duration is 315 days. However, if the booking of the RA house is ignored, then it is 268 days starting from March 27, 2017. The resource constraints were the main reason that led to the extension in the project length. Tasks such as preparation of software specification could be reduced from 18 to around 4 to 5 days to save time. The cost for the project is shown in the below table:Task NameTotal CostElectronics$82,560.00Software$122,400.00Mechanics$115,200.00
Verification$63,720.00First Prototyping$46,000.00Second Prototyping$46,000.00Total for the project$476,440.005. Risk Management Planninga. MatrixRiskImpactLikelihoodof occurrenceDegree of impactAction triggerResponsibilityResponse planEmployee leftNeed more timeto complete projectLowHighMitigateProject ManagerHire new employeeDuration extensionMore cost HighHighMitigateProject ManagerComplete project on timePoor scope identificationConfusionand order changeLowHighMitigateProject ManagerEnsure project scopeare defined appropriatelyin the beginningLess resourcesMore timeto complete projectMediumHighMitigateProject ManagerAsk for moreresources from top managementb. The risks can be mitigated, avoided, or transferred to other entities. The risks that can be mitigated are those that have high likelihood of occurrence but can be handled with less financial consideration. The risk that has high likelihood of occurrence and need large finances to handle is avoided. The risk that has low probability of occurrences but can large financial impact the project is transferred. 6. a. Purpose of different meeting types:The different types of meetings are kickoff meeting, planning meeting, and project review meetings. The kick off meeting is conducted to start the project. It is the first thing that is done when the project is started. In this meeting it is ensured that all the internal stakeholders

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