Vulnerabilities Assessment for Secure Infrastructure and Risk Management


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IntroductionI have found the patch management is the only thing in the system that produces error in anetwork when the system gets updated, it won’t accept the patch and the OS will not start. Thiswill be the downtime of the server. The system should hold live migration and also it should takethe back up of the data where the data be moved to secured location. The data should not beaffected because of the current condition there will be passive data and active data in thedatacenter. So the data center with the both the container with active and passive datacentershould not save the data which is affected. It should hold only the value data from the successfulupdate or able to rollback of the data from the server if there is any flaw in the data or anyoperation failure occurs in the network.Requirement of the infrastructure and secure infrastructure The network system will hold the infrastructure which will handle some error in order to changethe network. The whole network should be passed and it should automatically recover the datafrom the server. The network should be able to adopt the network and manage the change if theserver has no active request and response. We could manage with the backup server if the activeuser of the servers is more active and more number of user by which they can make lot oftransaction on the website. So the network must able to take snapshot of the database and shouldbe entered in the log of the server so that any changes made in the network it would be traceable.The solution we can try for this is we can lock data in the server. When the network changehappens in the network the system, save the data and won’t let the server to change the data.Now we can prepare the local copy of the data and that data can be compared with the data savedin the server which is the original data. Now the changes are measured and the data can beupdated. When the patch management gets updated and the network is running as like normalthey can now update the data with the compared value of the active data with recent transactiondata. Only some changes might be needed but this will be secured. Because there will not beconflict in the data because the pervious data is been lock which is transacted recently. We willhave to wait for the data to get update. There is no threat of conflict error because everything ischecked after the conformation. The changed data in the recent data are changed in the lock dataso no redundancy will come and data will be secured.The security policyThe security policy might include if network system should be accessible. The system shouldhave hierarchy of access in the network. Only some of the people are able to the operationprocess not all the people can fix the fault that occurs in the system

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