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Part 1. Why do some organizations promote from within,

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Part 1Why do some organizations promote from within, whereas others rely on outside hiring? What are the benefits and pitfalls of each approach?Part 2Measuring Sourcing TechniquesYour organization is in the process of filling 100 assembly line workers.They decide to use 3different sourcing methods discussed in Weeks 4 and 5.In order to assess the effectivenessof each sourcing method you have pulled together the following data:SourcingMethod# of Applicants# of Offers# of new hiresRetention at 6mos.Newspaper adsNo. applications20025208Average # of days303010Employee ReferralNo. applications40202017Average # of days201010Social MediaNo. applications2501006040Average # of days402010Using the chart below, calculate the following:1.The yield ratios (offers/applicants, new hires/applicants) – expressed as a percentage2.Cycle Times (days to offer, days to start)3.Retention rates (retention at 6 mos/# of new hires) – expressed as a percentageNewspaper AdsEmployee ReferralsSocial MediaYield 1 (offers/apps)Yield 2 (new hire/apps)Cycle 1 (days to offer)Cycle 2 (days to start)Retention

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