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Subnetting-LAN & WAN: Network Planning and Configuration

Added on -2019-09-21

This article discusses network planning and configuration for LAN and WAN with subnetting. It includes IP addresses, subnet size, subnet number, subnet mask, host address range, router interfaces, server details, and a comparison of routers, switches, and wireless access points. The article also provides a weighted decision matrix and a total budget estimate.
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Part-3 (Subnetting-LAN & WAN)Executive SummaryNetwork planning and configuration is a repetition procedure, which incorporates topological outline, network-receipt and network- synthesis, and its objective is to guarantee that new telecom service or network addresses the issues of the client and administrator. The procedure can be made as per each new network or administration. Every one of these layers incorporates plans for various time horizons, i.e. the business planning layer decides the plan that the operator should make to guarantee that the network will play out the important time for its desired lifetime. Tasks and maintenance layers, in any case, keeps an eye on how networks will keep running on a step by step premise.The network plan incorporates 6 switches at every area in devices, 6 switches in every area, 3 WLAN point access in Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane. Anyway, the quantity of switches for every LAN relies upon the port number of the switch and the PC number of every LAN, 2 servers in Sydney (Web and DB server) and 3 go down servers in Hobart. Among these devices, the most important device is the server, the web server will handle the client requests while the database server will store all the information. Periodic backup server will ensure continuous operation in case of any phenomenon. Another important thing is that data analysis requires relatively good computers, especially in CPU and memory. At a minimum, the cost should be as low as possible. LANIP addresses neededSubnet sizeSubnet numberSubnet MaskSydney LAN400/23172.16.0.0255.255.254.0Melbourne LAN70/25172.17.0.0255.255.255.128Brisbane LAN150/24172.18.0.0255.255.255.0Canberra LAN50/26172.19.0.0255.255.255.192Adelaide LAN80/25172.20.0.0255.255.255.128Hobart LAN15/27172.21.0.0255.255.255.224Sydney WLAN30/27172.22.0.0255.255.255.224Melbourne WLAN14/28172.23.0.0255.255.255.240Brisbane WLAN14/28172.24.0.0255.255.255.240Router Interfaces (Sydney)
LocationInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskSydneyWan interface port104.200.16.26255.255.255.252SydneySerial 0/0/0172.16.0.1255.255.254.0SydneySerial 0/0/1172.16.0.2255.255.254.0SydneySerial 0/2/0172.16.0.3255.255.254.0SydneyFast Ethernet 0/0172.16.0.4255.255.254.0SydneyFast Ethernet 0/1172.16.0.5255.255.254.0SydneyFast Ethernet 0/2172.16.0.6255.255.254.0SydneyFast Ethernet 0/3172.22.0.1255.255.255.224Router Interfaces (Melbourne)LocationInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskMelbourneSerial 0/0/0172.16.0.4255.255.254.0MelbourneSerial 0/0/1172.17.0.1255.255.255.128MelbourneSerial 0/2/0172.17.0.3255.255.255.128MelbourneSerial 0/2/1172.19.0.1255.255.255.192MelbourneFast Ethernet 0/0172.17.0.6255.255.255.128MelbourneFast Ethernet 0/1172.23.0.1255.255.255.240Router Interfaces (Hobart)LocationInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskHobartSerial 0/0/0172.17.0.4255.255.255.128HobartFast Ethernet 0/0172.21.0.2255.255.255.224HobartFast Ethernet 0/1172.21.0.3255.255.255.224HobartFast Ethernet 0/2172.21.0.4255.255.255.224HobartFast Ethernet 0/3172.21.0.5255.255.255.224HobartFast Ethernet 0/4172.21.0.6255.255.255.224Router Interfaces (Adelaide)
LocationInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskAdelaideSerial 0/0/0172.17.0.2255.255.255.128AdelaideFast Ethernet 0/0172.20.0.2255.255.255.128Router Interfaces (Canberra)LocationInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskCanberraSerial 0/0/0172.16.0.2255.255.254.0CanberraSerial 0/0/1172.19.0.1255.255.255.192CanberraFast Ethernet 0/0172.19.0.2255.255.255.192Router Interfaces (Brisbane)LocationInterfaceIP AddressSubnet MaskBrisbaneSerial 0/0/0172.18.0.1255.255.255.0Brisbane Fast Ethernet 0/0172.18.0.2255.255.255.0BrisbaneFast Ethernet 0/1172.24.0.1255.255.255.240Server details LocationServer nameIP AddressSubnet MaskSydneyWeb Server172.16.0.16255.255.254.0Sydney DB Server172.16.0.17255.255.254.0HobartBackup Server172.21.0.21255.255.255.224HobartBackup Server172.21.0.21255.255.255.224HobartBackup Server172.21.0.22255.255.255.224Part-4Routers comparison:Router modelSecurity features supportedSpeed in MbpsNO of USB portsAccess Pointssupport (Yes/No)Cost

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