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Part A
Demonstrate an understanding of the professional, ethical and legal requirements of the
Registered Nurse.
In Australia, the ethical requirements for registered nurses are based on the National Code of
ethics for nurses. It states that the nurses should value quality care, respect and kindness,
diverse culture and ethnicity, access to improved health care, decision making, safety of the
patients and staffs, social and well-being of the patients. The importance of this requirement
is to prioritise ethical standards and be committed towards the nursing profession.
Furthermore, the professional requirements and standards are based on the standards of
practice and standards of professional performance which includes competency in the level of
care and behaviour in their role. Additionally, the legal requirements consist of the manner in
which care is provided to the patients. It also indicates how nursing is practiced and the
documents are kept safe and cryptic. In addition, the registered nurses should know their
exact role and abide by it.
Demonstrated high level interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
During my career as a full time Assistant Nurse at an aged care facility, I have developed
excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills via assertive communication
at work place. Interpersonal skills were developed through team work and developing rapport
with patients and their family members, managers, doctors and supervisors. Interaction with
patients is of utmost priority while at work. Importance was given to listening and was
essential to understand the problem and develop a nursing plan. One of the main duties was
to offer support for trainee nurses. I gave importance to the views of the patients and their
family members. For instance, I handled a situation where a conflict occurred with the family
member regarding the diagnosis of patient with rabies. Their concern was about patient
handling. However I expressed empathy while adhering within the professional boundaries
and explained about the policy regarding the care of patients with rabies, thus solving the
Describe ability to work in a team
I have always worked in a team environment. I strongly believe that rapport with the team
members is essential as it motivates us to perform well. I have always shared workloads and
offered help to team members when required. I respect the views of team members and act
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accordingly. I have attended monthly and annual meetings and expressed my concerns and
views. One example where my views were appreciated was the suggestion to use log book by
the nursing staff. I provided sheer support via creating the roster and providing orientation for
the nursing trainees. Furthermore, I developed the plans were nursing care within our team.
Owing to my effective skills in team work, I was named the “The ant” in our nursing unit. I
sincerely believe that it is important to get accustomed within a team.
Demonstrated understanding of NSW health’s core values-collaboration, openness,
respect and empowerment
The CORE values represent working in tandem with each other to derive the best outcome,
being open in communication, value respect towards others and provide access and improved
services in health care to guarantee that the patients are valued and build confidence in their
treatment and well-being. These values indicate that NSW health strive to be care about
offering quality health care. I have demonstrated excellent calibre in these core values during
my tenure as a nurse.
Part B
a. I prefer to consider Western Sydney Local Health District as the LHD of choice (NSW
Health, 2019). The Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) has its own mission,
values and strategic goals. Their motto is to provide the best health care service for patients
during every visit. Furthermore, the goal is to provide excellent health service for all
communities in and around Western Sydney (WSLHD, 2019). In addition, the WSLHD
shares the CORE values with NSW health such as improved quality of health care based on
team work, transparency in providing improvised performance, respecting the values of
people and ensuring trust with accountability. The strategic goals are to make the community
of Western Sydney the healthiest via providing sophisticated health care. Since Western
Sydney community has the second largest population in NSW, their mission is to influence
people via excellent health care and embark to develop the infrastructure and research
innovations. Furthermore, the strategic goals include safety and quality to the patients and
their family members, satisfaction for the patients and the staffs, promote effective teamwork
and collaboration, improve the skills and competence in research and innovation and support
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