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Virus: Living or Non-Living Organism?

Added on -2019-09-21

This essay explores the attributes of viruses and debates whether they are living or non-living organisms. It discusses the characteristics of life, the definition of viruses, and the arguments for and against considering viruses as living organisms. The conclusion summarizes the debate and highlights the complexity of viruses.
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PART A: ESSAY PLANViruses are very small in size and they are infectious in nature. The main objective of this essay is to provide some information on the virus as they are living or non-living organisms.The introduction part is showing the meaning of virus.The essay is showing the attributes of the life of virus which helps in understanding the nature of virus.The essay further shows the explanation of virus more deeply.The essay further explains some attributes which makes the virus a living organism.At the end, the conclusion explains the whole study.
PART B: VIRUSINTRODUCTIONThe word virus is extrapolated from a Latin word known as poison. It was initially fascinated from its origin with various chromatic diseases like rabies, foot-and-mouth etc. (Villarreal, L, 2004)DISCUSSIONThe characteristics of life are as follows:The living organisms are composed and possessed of cells.Energy is required by the living organisms in order to carry out which will help in producing which will further help the organization to sustain. The living organisms have the capability to render on their own and the living organismscan perform similarly as a truly living organism which impact the host cells in the most profound way.The living organisms have capability to raise.The Living organisms have an assemblage of integrated organs, like in multicellular organisms, different type of organs are present but unicellular organisms are composed and possessed of various structures. The genetic material is stored in the cells of living organisms.

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