Validation of Chemical Pathway and Kinetic Parameters


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[Part a] Validation of Chemical Pathway and Kinetic Parameters:Question:How would you validate the pathway and kinetic parameters?Answer:The validation can be done by the comparison of selectivity and yield curves of the referencepaper (Anunziata et al., 1999) and the curves of selectivity and yield change with respect toTemperature obtained by sensitivity analysis from the Aspen simulation of the plant.Sensitivity analysis across the reactor will give the selectivity curve. If the curves obtainedfrom Aspen and the curves in the reference paper corroborate, then the validation isconfirmed.Can you please, do the ASPEN part for this?
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Question:Based on the data presented in the reference paper (Anunziata et al., 1999) is the kineticinformation provided to you sufficient to scale-up the reactor experiments (a Plant Designscale)?Answer:(YES / NO)?The design and scale up of the reactor using the dimensionless Damkohler Number and the assumption that L/D ratio of the Plug Flow Reactoris 1/5.(Supporting calculations ? Therefore, along with the data given in the reference paper, which could give the volume of the reactor, an assumption for the length and diameter ratio was required to dimensionalize the reactor. This was demonstrated to be working in the scale up in the Aspen file for the whole plant.Please re-answer this question with supporting calculations.[Part b] Temperature Effects on Equilibrium Limitations:Question:If you were to consider the possibility of reversibility,which reactions will warrant a correctionin their rate of reaction expressions?Answer:which reactions will warrant a correction in their rate of reaction expressions?All the forward reactions were modelled with Requil to estimate the equilibrium constant in Aspen. Then, their reverse reaction constants were estimated. The model for a PFR was then used and the reverse reactions along with the forward reactions were used in the model. and Explain your rationale and indicate the modifications needed, along with supporting (evidence) calculations.
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