PART C (Student 2 Asisgnment).

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1.0PART C (Student 2 Asisgnment)A career in property investment requires a number of skills, however for the purpose of thisreport, I will evaluate three core competencies which is required and desired by most propertyfirms. Figure 3, is a table illustrating what skills employers require.Figure 3: The Author 20151.1Graduate Competency One – Communication SkillsBoth written and verbal communication skills are essential in the property investment sector(Prospects 2015). This is because graduates need to liaise with solicitors, brokers, architects orsurveyors to meet the needs and expectations of the client. This skill is also important becausegraduates need to coordinate both physical and human resources, to retain and attract furtherbusiness (Community Best Property Management 2015). However, failure to communicate withshareholders effectively can cause confusion and reputational damage (Burns 2010).
I consider my communication skills to be of a high level. I am able to tailor information and styleto the targeted audience. I can also clarify and summarise information effectively, by usingvisual diagrams/ charts. One example, whereby I showed my communication skills is when Iwas Vice President for Coventry Enactus. It was my responsibility to conduct brainstormingsessions and distribute post-meeting reports. I also had to build rapport and organise regularmeetings with committee members, to address any barriers or to discuss future projects. Duringmy role, I maintained a positive attitude and listened to my team members when makingimportant decisions. I did this by keeping an open mind, expressed opinions in a confidentmanner and payed attention to people’s body language and expression. In turn, I believe mycommunication skills avoided duplications or misinterpretation, increasing efficiency andproductivity.However, to improve this competency and achieve my career goals, I need to be more aware ofpeople’s thoughts and develop a stronger sense of empathy. I learned that it is equallyimportant to be aware of and respond appropriately to non-verbal feedback. To achieve thisobjective successfully, I will seek feedback from my colleagues on a quarterly basis, viaquestionnaires and observations when commencing a project. I consider this essential forprofessional learning and development of my competences (Raemdonck and Strijbos 2013). Italso helps me to assess whether my messages are received and understood correctly.1.2Graduate Competency Two – Analytical SkillsAnalytical skills are desirable by employers in the property field, because graduates need toassess whether investments are profitable, predict supply and demand levels, identify falsetrends, solve any tenancy problems, and so forth (Iman 2006). Good analytical skills are alsoimportant for the property investment industry, because it helps a firm to identify and exploitmarket opportunities (Wetfeet 2012). I believe my analytical skills can add value to a firm. I am able to provide explanations on how tomaximise opportunities and minimise potential threats. I can also draw on my practical andacademic knowledge to solve problems. One example, whereby I showed my analytical skills, iswhen I applied for the SPEED PLUS programme. Before the panel presentation, I had tocritically analyse and evaluate all the factors that would impact my proposed business idea, aswell as write a report detailing its profitability. It was quiet stressful, as I had to collect andcondense information into manageable components to establish facts and principles. I also haddifficulty in choosing the key literatures to express the effectiveness and feasibility of the idea.However, towards the end I became more fluid in my approach and was able to use SPSS

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