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Part E: [20%] – 4 pagesThis part of the assignment requires you to do an annotated bibliography.An annotated bibliography is a summary of an piece of writing. The purpose Is toprovide the reader with asummaryand anevaluationof an article reviewed. Anannotation should include the following information:The source of the articlePurpose of the study and research questions / hypothesesUnderlying theory / model [if applicable]Research methodology – sample, instruments, etc.Findings and ConclusionYourcommentson the articlea)SelectTWO (2)research articles in Teaching English as a Second Languageand write an annotated bibliography for each article using the guidelinesabove.b)Select the articles from theDigital Library(e.g. using Proquest, Ebrary etc.).REQUIREMENTS:Format for the assignment:a.New Times Roman fontb.1½ spacing on A-4 paper
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