Assignment : Short Girls by Bich Minh Nguyen

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Passage: 3Meaningful passage in the short girls by Bich Minh NguyenIt is the story of two girls who were migrated from the Vietnamese who faced many problemssince their mother died and they were insulated by the Vietnamese's American community. Theyfound that they were bounded by the cultural, family and demands of their ageing father. Boththe girls felt unmetered and the burden of secrets due to which both of them never confide witheach other (Hoa et al., 1957). Van has faced many problems in her married life whereas the linnyhas drifted into the serious affair with the white married men. The short girls record the pitfallswhich are governed by all families. The author shows the complexity faced by the immigrantgirls which include the complexity of culture, ambition and duty. The meaning passage in thestory came when the life of Linny got the negative turn due to affair with the white guy who ismarried, and she is plagued by the bad memories of the unhappy married life of their parents andanother reason was long term suspension of her father's infidelity, and their brothers thought thattheir mother had died since nine years (Xu et al., 2011). From all the problems in her life despiteboyfriend and few girlfriends she felt along in the world, and she saw the husband of the vanwith other women in the hotel of Chicago then she came to realise that she is not the only onewith the problems. It is the meaningful message in the story which shows that everyone is facingthe problem in their life.Meaningful passage in the southland by Nina RevoyrThe southland is the compelling story of racial tragedy and family. The author describes thehistory of southern California brutal and the survival of family with the tenacity, love and
dignity. The author focuses on the past and presents to the racial justice in the Los Angeles. It isthe mystery murdered novel which took place in the forties and nineties when the racialdiscrimination is at the high peak. The two characters, namely, Cutis Martindale and FrankSakai who were affected by the racism in the neighbourhood of Los Angeles. The meaningfulpassage in the story includes the reveal of mystery when the investigation is reopened by theJackie and James in which they are pointing the Lawson because he hates black and he waspresent at the night of the murder in the shop of frank (Kuroki et al. 2011). When theinvestigation goes deeper into the past of Cutis, then it tolls on the three years relationship withhis girlfriend who Laura. The past and present clues were disclosed which shows that theromantic link between the frank and mother of Cutis. When the suspense of killing is figuredthen the dark conclusion of racial intolerance and justice is determined. The meaningful passagein the story includes the discrimination faced by the people in the Los Angeles due to which themystery of family is investigated by the granddaughter of frank. The mystery is a willinvestigates in which it is revealed that then Cutis was the son of Frank due to which he leave hisstore in the name of his son. The main issues describe in the story was discrimination due towhich the relationship between the people of two different community leads to the punishmentfaced by the lovers which result from the rape by his wife and beaten half to death.Dilemma faced by contemporary Asian AmericanIn both the stories, the discrimination is faced by the contemporary Asian American such asracial discrimination due to which the black men are not allowed to befriend with the whitewomen which result in the punishment given to the women by raping and beaten her half to thedeath. There is the cultural difference which is faced by the innocent immigrants which include
the complexity of duty, ambition and culture. Another issue is of gender relation which the mainissue is faced by the contemporary Asian American because they are not allowed to befriendwith the people of another community. For example, black men are not allowed to have arelationship with the white women (Alba et al. 2009). Another issue is one-dimensionalrepresentation on the television which creates a stereotype image of contemporary AsianAmericans among the people due to which discrimination is faced by the people. The modelminority is developed for the Asian American which shows that they are separated from thecommon citizens on the basis of colour, caste, race, ethnicity and religion.Passage: 4Challenges faced by immigrants American & Asian pacificAmericans1.Cultural adoptionThe cultural adoption is one of the challenges which are faced by the immigrants becausethe American culture is based on the beliefs and for the Asian pacific Americans, it isdifficult to adopt the culture due to which the long legacy is confronted by them. Theinequality is faced by the immigrants on the basis of linguistic differences at theworkplace, schools, and colleges (Nakanishi et al., 2014).2.Cultural retentionAnother challenge is to retain the culture by the immigrants and Asian pacific Americansdue to differences in the culture. The cultures of every country are different, so it isdifficult for the immigrants to retain the culture in another country because the traditional
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