The Power of Passion: Hussain's Journey to Success


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Passion playing soccer In a very small village, there was a poor child who loves soccer and it didn't help him to watch achampionship match. Hussain didn't have TV and he always goes to his uncle's home to watch a footballmatch. He looks a thin boy and his fast which has helped him a lot. He looked to other boys they have aball and them happy and playing soccer. He asked them to let him play with them but they said, "go toyour parents to pay a ball for you, we won't allow you to play with us". Hussain felt shy anddisappointment he went to his parents and cried. His mother asked him what's wrong with you?He started telling his mother about what the boys said to him. His mother felt very sad and she couldn’tbuy a soccer ball for her son. He created one by using his T-shirt, socks and tied it from above until itbecame close to a soccer ball. He was happy and playing in the village. He tried to imitate CristianoRonaldo who’s his favorite player. At age of six, he started to study in a primary school. He was reallywanted to play soccer with boys in his class. After that, his teacher said, ‘Hussain you have some goodskills how did you learn it’. Hussain felt enthusiastic and desirous to keep practice and improve hisproficiencies by practice every day. One of the things that he did is running to the top of the mountain sohe gets the power running and be fast. Then, his mother bought a soccer ball when he got a high mark inprimary school. He was very happy and thankful for his mom so he played football with boys from hisneighborhood after school. He was the best player in the league in his primary school when he was at ageof 11. He graduated from that school and went to secondary school. There was a hard challenge toHussain because he played with students older than him and their physical structure is bigger than him.Hussain kept challenged himself to be more strong and active. In his first match at secondary school,everyone’s is surprised how this little boy can scoring goals fantastically. Students and teachers wereclapping and encouraging Hussain in his first match. He won the best player in the championship-levelcity schools.
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Then, He became popular in the school and everybody knows he is a good player. His parents bought aTV for the first time because they wanted their son to watch matches at home and them proud of whatHussain did and he got two gold modules and best player two times.As the days progressed, Hussain became a famous football state player. During such events, in a largegathering, Hussain was looking forward towards the national selections. Hussain practiced hard andworked towards it religiously to achieve his goals. He was so devoted to getting selected in the nationalteam that he worked towards his aim, day and night. Silently praying deep heart days went by. Finally,before the event day, Hussain asked her mother, “Mother, what if I lose this chance and fail to get a seat”.Her mother replied warmly and said, “Hussain, even if you lose, you are still content you gave your bestand 100% towards your desire. Do not forget God is watching us and he gives fairer chance to each ofus”. Hussain took it as his motivation spirit and in the morning took blessings of the mother. He walkedconfidently towards the playing ground and stood there with high spirits. In the event, there was thenational coach and the renowned footballer ‘Paul Pogba' who were selected for the national team.Hussain, deep inside felt, this is the only chance to outshine. Soon, the event begins and there were twoteams. Hussain was appointed as a captain. He chose the position of the goalkeeper. Deep inside hethought, more than winning its all about playing. Soon, he forgot he was playing for the national teamselection. He played with his heart and soul in the game. The rival team was scoring in the first part ofthe game and Hussain, can sense the disappointment in his team players. During the break, the scoreswere 3-1 and the Hussain team was lagging behind. Paul Pogba walked towards the Hussain teams andsaid, "I know you guys have worked hard, but keep the focus on the ball and not on the winning orlosing. Think from the heart and play with your mind. Keep the focus on a game." Hussain silentlyushered and prayed for success. The game started after a brief 30minutes of the break. When he walkedinto the stadium, he looked at the audience and saw, his mother sitting there. This was the first time, hesaw his mother seeing a match. He walked towards her and hugged her tightly. His mother whispered,remember the time you first time cried for the soccer shirt and the ball? Hussain, replied her back, "yesmother". Her mother said you prayed to play not to win or lose in the game. Just focus on your play and
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