Human Resource Management for Service Industries - Assignment Solved

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Pearson BTEC Level 5HND Diploma in Travel and Tourism ManagementHuman Resource Management for ServiceIndustriesAssessmentFormative Assignment Submission Date: 31 December 2018 (The submission portal willclose at 23:59 HKT)Assignment Submission Date: 21 January 2019 (The submission portal will close at 23:59HKT)Assessor Name: Michael Tai( Please note that all assignment must submit through Canvas before the givendeadline.Page1of9
Assignment BriefAs part of the formal assessment for the HND programme you are required to submit anassignment for each module. Please refer to your Student Handbook for full details of theprogramme assessment scheme and general information on preparing and submittingassignments.After completing the module you should be able to:Upon completion of this assignment learners will be able to:LO1:Understand human resource managementLO2:Understand the effect of employee relations and employment law on serviceindustries businessesLO3:Examine the recruitment and selection processLO4:Understand training and development in service industries businessesAssignment TaskQuestion 1 – The role of and purpose of human resource management in the travel andtourism industryLO1This task should be emailed or before26thNovember2018 (Monday)for feedback. Should you have any difficulties meeting this deadline thenplease email as soon as possible.a)Analyse theroleand purpose of human resource management and how this is applied withinthe travel and tourism sector.(Assessment Criterion 1.1)b)Devise anoutline human resources plan for an organisation (i.e. travel and tourism industry) ofyour choice analysing changes in supply and demand based on changes in the externalenvironment.(Assessment Criterion1.2)Question 2 – The effect of employee relations and employment lawLO2Page2of9
a)Assess how good employer relations can be encouraged including examples of good practiceand evaluate areas where poor employee relations could have been improved.HRpractice -best fit and best practice(Assessment Criterion2.2)b)Select and explain two areas of employment law which affect the management of staff withinthe travel and tourism industry using examples to support your answer.impact ondifferent issue(Assessment2.1)Question 3 – The recruitment and selection processLO3a) Produce both a job description and a person specification for an overseas representative within atour operator.job duty, requirements,(Assessment Criterion3.1)b) Outline the main selection processes used in the travel and tourism industryfor both a junior travelconsultant and a call centre manager.selection method, gp interview,(Assessment Criterion3.2)c)Explain the most appropriaterecruitment and selection methods for the jobs outlined in a) and b).(Assessment Criterion3.2)Question 4 – Training and development within service industries businessesLO4Explain how training and development activities can contribute to profitability and efficiency within alarge organisation.(Assessment Criterion4.1)what kind of training course,Page3of9
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