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Running head: PERFORMANCE OF EMPLOYEESPerformance of EmployeesName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1PERFORMANCE OF EMPLOYEESPart 1:The three specific types of performance appraisal instruments are as follows:Behavioural checklists:The behavioural checklist system of performance appraisal consists of employersconsidering the performance of the individual employees individually. For example, they takeinto account the specific job which the employee performed in this instrument. Theemployees are judged solely on the basis of their performances and are not compared to anyother employee. The advantage of this behavioural checklist instruments is that the employercan judge the performance of employees individually and appraise him accordingly. Thissystem of appraisal is as a result very transparent. The disadvantage of this process is thatsince the appraiser does not compare the performance of employee with each, their actualmanagerial competence cannot be judged and results in faulty promotions (Aguinis, 2009).360 degree appraisal:The second instrument for employee appraisal is 360 degree appraisal which involvesfeedback from managers, supervisors, team members and even from direct subordinates. Theadvantage of this instrument of appraisal is that the top manager promoting the middle levelmanagers can get in depth knowledge about the competencies of the latter like leadershipqualities and team management capabilities. Thus, this system leads to accurate appraisal andpromotions. However, the feedbacks about managers are often subjected to favouritism of thestaff rating them (Cravens et al, 2015). This often results in faulty promotions ofinappropriate candidates which ultimately harms the company in the long run.
2PERFORMANCE OF EMPLOYEESManagement by objective (MBO):The employer and the employees under this process decide upon specific sets ofperformance parameters which they would consider while judging performances. Forexample, employers today decide to judge their employees on grounds like targetachievement, leadership qualities and extra initiatives taken. The employers then appraisetheir employees on the basis of their performances based on these predetermined parameters.The system creates greater coordination between employer and employee but impedes overalljudgement of the employee performances (Rosen et al., 2017).Part 2:The three components of a performance appraisal form are as follows:Basic employee information:The basic employee information contains the preliminary information about theemployees to be appraised. For example, the names, job titles, their experiences and paygrades.Accountabilities, Objectives and standards:The section contains the accountabilities and job responsibilities which the employeeshandle on day to day basis. For example, their targets and scores based on those jobresponsibilities.Developmental achievements:This section draws strength from the previous section and shows the improvementswhich the employees have achieved based on the accountabilities and objectives. Forexample, the employers take into account the trainings and workshops which the employees
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