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Personal and professional development- Assignment

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deePersonal and professional development Reflective report: Communication plays avery important role in every businessconcern. In context of Travelodge hotel as anassistant manager I preferred to chooseverbal mode of communication fortransferring messages to subordinates andgiving them necessary directions. I alsoconsidered ICT platform for settingcommunication link between customers andsubordinates. Out of all above statedcommunication styles I preferred choosingpromoter style. This helped me in resolvingconflicts between subordinates and also leadto an increase in efficiency level as well.REFERENCES Allen, C. D. and Penuel, W. R., 2015.Studying teachers’ sensemaking toinvestigate teachers’ responses toprofessional development focused onnew standards. Journal of TeacherEducation. 66(2). pp.136-149.Styles of CommunicationController style: Controller style refers to a direct form of communication in whichleaders in a business concern are demanding and capable enough that they can communicatetheir ideas very openly. This style is used by managers of Travelodge when they need tofocus or develop a more dedicated approach (4 Communication Styles and How They Playout in the Workplace. 2018). Analyzer style: Analyzer style is most commonly used when leaders have to focus onorganized and astute way of communication. Managers of Travelodge aim towards gainingmore practical and effective knowledge. Furthermore, it also helps in ensuring that a businessis able to gain success for a very longer period of time. Promoter style: Promoter style is a name given to a people driven approach. Thisapproach suits best for people who have an enthusiastic nature. This style is used bymanagers when they want employees to express themselves openly. Supporter style: Supporter style is most highly preferred way of interaction in whichinterpersonal communication of an individual is considered. This further helps employee inexpressing their views and opinions. Lastly, this also helps in effective decision making inTravelodge.Ways of Communication in TravelodgeManagers of Travelodge communicate with eachother in a variety of ways which have been explained asunder:Verbal: Verbal communication refers to orallytransferring our thoughts and ideas. It is a most commonway by which managers practice communication. Thisprocess is used by leaders and managers for implementingdecisions and policies. Nonverbal: Nonverbal communication refers toways which do not involve oral communication. Thismethod is used by managers of Travelodge and it includesboth written as well as expressive style for communicating.In this context, managers of Travelodge even use ICT,which is a name given to a communication system wheretelecommunications are interlinked for storing andtransmitting dataCommunication acts as a lifeblood in every businessentity. It is basically a medium through data andinformation is transferred. Furthermore, managers also usecommunication process for maintaining effectiveness inbusiness operations and procedures.INTRODUCTIONCommunicating in a variety of styles and appropriate manner at various levels.
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