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INTRODUCTIONPersonal development means gaining skills and knowledge for personal career growthand personal development. It includes all kind of meeting, learning opportunities and informallearning opportunities (McNiff, 2010). There are different kind of varieties of approaches toprofessional growth,including mentoring, supervision ,technical assistance and coaching. Thereis no more important goal than that of developing knowledge and skills of mind. The quality ofwork is directly or indirectly effected by the thinking of work. The Personal development ishelpful in every part of work and life to make right decision according to the situation. Manyindividual may take part in development to improve learning skills, maintain professionalcompetence and lifelong development of knowledge. Personal development is modern techniqueof traditional learning in the organisation. It offers many useful methods of learning toorganisation compare to mentoring and coaching too. This report discussed about different kindof approaches to learning self-managed and all skills which is required to meet organisationalobjectives and goals.TASK 11.1 Self-managed learning and its different kind of approachesIt is an approach which help to the managers to control organisationalprocedure, content, management development and increase their personallearning. Approaches help to enhance the individual knowledge anddevelopment of organisation (Moon, 2013). There are various approaches toself-managed learning which are as follows:Motivational learning:It help to identify resources andacknowledge the differences of learning styles of companies all members(Busse, Aboneh and Tefera, 2014). In this learning theory people enhance theirknowledge and skills to attain organisational goals and objectives in certainperiod of time.Strategic learning:It help in adjust the managing with learning,managers become more focus to learn all situations that help them to makemore strategic approach to overcome the organisational problems andissues. This learning help in using evaluation method it help to individual to
learn something fast from the activities and work so that they can adopt thestrategies effectively and efficiently in the organisation (Bolton, 2010).Meta learning:It help in getting new knowledge, skills, competencesand abilities will be inapplicable in the case when organisation managersnot ready to change their mentality and their mindset. It is basicallylearning at strategic level which is about self learning help in fundamentaldevelopment that is known as meta learning.1.2 Lifelong learning encouragement in personal as well professional skillsVarious type of personal and professional learning, which beencourage by any person. For encouragement of lifelong learning anindividual sets long-term as well as short term goals which enhanceindividual skills, potentials and knowledge Learning is very important forany individual person throughout his/her life which help to handle anyproblem in work and life. It is help in providing opportunities for effectivetask performance, meaningful personal interaction and team learning togain organisational goals and objectives (Avalos, 2011). Learning whichpursued throughout life should be available at different times at differentplaces and should be diverse and flexible. An active mind and knowledgehelp to take right decision at right time in the organisation to makeprofitability. The personal and professional skill play very important role inthe progress of organisation or individual and success of organisation. Ithelp in continues program for individuals and organisation which leadsthem toward development of company. For personal development there aresome skills and methods which are very important. These skills andmethods guide an individual toward success. It is important for any personto develop interpersonal skills, problem solving and communication skills,without these methods and skills nobody can get success in his/her life.There are different approach of learning i.e. Meta learning, strategiclearning and motivational learning which help in development of personalskills and professional skills to achieve organisational goals and objectives.
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