Personal and Professional Development Activities Essay

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Personal and ProfessionalDevelopment
Cover Letter:Thomas George PQR Road, Main Street, New York 7694, Telephone 09887465125, Mobile: Mr. XNational Centre, MS-21512210 Sunrise Valley DriveNew YorkRespected HR Manager,I am happy to apply for the position of Intern in National centre that are very popular firm and Ihave send my CV for your website. I am completed my post graduation in Business management. I have many skills such ascommunication, managerial and time management skills and I am able to take accurate decisionfor the company. I have ability and quality to deal with difficult situation in smooth way. Doingwork in this firm, I am capable to make perfect decision for the welfare of business operationsand functions. I have also identified may skills for developing and improving communicationskills in innovatively. This resume will aid you in providing may all details and information. I am comfortable withmy work timing and pattern. I look forward to proceeding from you.Yours sincerelyThomas George1
INTRODUCTIONPersonal and professional development activities are the one where an individual set theirgoals, strategies and get results of training and learning. It is used for providing large variety ofspecialised training, professional learning that assist administrators and other trainers who teachand train in effective manner. It includes increasing essential skill and knowledge for achievingspecific task. A effective professional development provide higher growth for an individualcareer (Avalos, 2011). This may includes some necessary skills such as controlling teammembers, motivate person and also they need to manage and control skill of an employee. Thisreport is based on Royal national hotel which is three star hotel. It is situated in Woburn Place,Bloomsbury, Central London, England. It is biggest hotel of UK and it has approx. 1630 rooms.The main purpose of this report is to analyse various approaches which are used for managingself learning and also understand self managed learning for development of skill of an individual.An organisation also measure current abilities and skill of professional and organisationalstandard. TASK 11.1 Different approaches of self managed learningSelf managed learning refers to a process by which an individual identify various ways oflearning within an enterprise. It assist in accomplishing their goals and objectives. Conferences and Seminars- An individual gain knowledge and skills by attendingseminars programmes and also attend meeting for gaining opportunities to know theviews and opinions. The main motive of the conferences and seminars sessions help inconducting programmes for exchanging information and views with each other. This willassist in increasing confidence among employees in each level. Internet- It is an important factor which help in searching anything and allow people toaccess information or data. It assist in providing different types of information which arerequired for developing person self skill. This gives correct and right solution for aspecific query. Social media- This is that factor which help in connecting one people to another in allover the world. Every person should learn how to use social networking sites which are2

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