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Personal and Professional Development - Reflective Essay

Added on - 08 Dec 2020

Personal and Professional Development Skills

This report is on "personal and professional development skills". The present report is based on having effective personal and professional development skills in order to have a better career in the cleaning industry. In this report, the following things will be cover as a future career essay on the cleaning industry, identify and evaluate the skills set as per the career ambitions and also use appropriate models as Gibbs. Lastly, the recommendation is needed to be given in order to have self-evaluation and to improve the things in order to get the job done in a future career. Personal development in human being is kind of lifelong process. Continue development of the person is very important as it supports to have continuous growth in professional development.

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From the above report "personal and professional development skills", we conclude that Personal and professional development is formal that means individual can able to enhancing their skills by contributing effectively in it. It is defined as the process by which enterprise and individual get engaged in the process of learning. The present report has focused on enhancing skills in chosen career ambition and that is in cleaning industry. In this, report the various things have been discussed as SWOT analysis on self-evaluation on skills and Gibbs reflective cycle has been in used to identify the gap between skills have and skills that are required to develop. As per the above, I learnt that by managing the thinks in time manner and to have better plan about the each can aids to strengthen performance of work. This aids me to continue to have and identify the strength as per the things required. Action plan- when I will work in this sector next time, I will prioritize the task and set a deadline for each task so that I can able to get it done within the set deadline.