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Personal Development Plan Assignment PDF

Added on - 09 Sep 2021

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Personal Development Plan
Name of the Student
Name of the University
Author Note
1. a)The job or occupation that I want to hold in the next five years is to start teaching the
human resource courses in the college level. I want to continue my professional career to
continue in the realm of the human resource only.
b)There are three milestones that will move me from my present job or occupation to my
desired job or occupation. Thefirst milestonein order to become a college professor is to get the
Master’s Degree on the Human resource. Thesecond milestonethat I will have to achieve is to
get a Certified Public Manager’s Certification in the university. Therefore, I would have to
complete both my Master’s Degree and the Certified Public Manager’s Certification before the
expiry of the five years. To be precise, this course is a two year program and only one year is
left. Thethird milestonein this path is to improve upon my writing skills. Thus the weakness that
can be found in this document is the fact that I am very weak in my writing skills. The timeline
for achieving these milestones is the next five years and my strength lies in being a decent writer
in English. I am also strong in memorizing all the things that I study.
2. a)There are three personal goals that I would want to achieve in the next five years. Thefirst
goalis I want to spend more time with my husband and granddaughter. I do not want them to
feel neglected because of my work pressure. I will spend my time with my family when I am on
holidays. Thesecond goalthat I will want to achieve is to focus on my education. I will complete
my Master’s degree, and then attain Certified Public Manager’s Certification. After that I will
focus on getting the Doctorate degree as well. Mythird goalwill be focus on developing my
personal character as I want to give my time to the people who are not as fortunate as I. I will
donate my time and saved money to the non-profit organizations for some social work.
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