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Added on - Dec 2020

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Personal Development PlanDegree pathway:Part 1 – Personal AnalysisStrengthsAreas for further developmentDeterminant: AsI am very determinant and hard working,This will help me to carry out effective management of myeffective job role.Besides this, it will help me perform myoperations and job roles at the work place with more efficiencyand effectiveness.It will help me to execute my businessoperations and activities in much suitable manner. It willmotivate me to perform my job roles and carry out my personaljob roles and responsibilities.Calm and compose nature:Besides this, my calm andcompose attitude helps me to perform suitable job role that willhelp me to enhance the quality of operations at the work place.It reduces my stress levelat the workplace which will assist meto carry out the operations in much superior and effective way.Even if I get the work load, I don't lose my cool and manage tocarry out the job functions at the organisation with efficiencyAmbitious:I am very ambitious about my work that will assistme to perform my roles and responsibilities and thus willsupport the overall growth of the organisation which willsupport proper management of my job roles andresponsibilities.I ma self motivated to carry out the properLanguage:my biggest drawback is that I am not muchproficient in English language as it is not my first language.Even after attaining the English speaking coaching, WatchingEnglish Channels and using a dictionary has proved inadequatefor me.Lack of time:this is the issue that needs a proper solution asmy one-year-old baby needs me for caring and thus cover upmany of my growth opportunities. As this is a inevitableresponsibility, I have to look after the proper management ofthe business like operations and activities that will support meto have a good proper and professional growth.
management of the business operations and activities that willsupport a good rise in capabilities and placing of functionalitiesin much suitable and effective manner.Time management:I have an effective time managementskills that helps me to carry out by job roles and responsibilitiesin much effective and suitable manner. Even if is get someextra job or responsibilities, I manage to carry it out on thestipulated time frame.OpportunitiesThreatsThe effective placing of my being a part of the LSSTUniversity will help me to improve my knowledge and insightregarding business operations that are been carried out withinthe market. This will help me to improve my strengths or skillsin much effective manner.As I am having a permissive program I can perform my otherpersonal duties and roles of a wife, mother and women. Thiswill provide me with a personal satisfaction.Apart from the language barrier and the lack of proper time themajor threat factor for me is to face stiff competition in market.A great pool of skilled, knowledgeable and experienced workforce is available in market, mitigating my chances of survival.Part 2 - Setting goals
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