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Personal Ethics Statement Introduction At several points

Added on - 18 Oct 2019

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Personal Ethics StatementIntroductionAt several points throughout the course you will compose an entry in a Reflection Journal. Theseassignments provide you an opportunity to analyze course readings in a way that is meaningful to yourpersonal academic journey. Your submissions will only be seen by you and the instructor. Since learningabout ethics is, to a large degree, a personal experience, the reflection journal is an appropriate tool tosupport the learning objectives of this course.Upon successful completion of this assignment you will be able to:1.Develop clearly written communication through analyzing course readings.2.Demonstrate an understanding of the unique ethical obligations, responsibilities, culture,and values associated with service in the public sector.ResourcesEbook:The ethics primer for public administrators in government and nonprofit organizationsInstructions1.Based on the course material and discussions to date, think about your own conclusionsregarding ethics. In yourJournal, you will compose a unique, personal statement of what ethicsmeans for you.2.Guidelines:a.Select five (5) value-laden one-word concepts.Examples include concepts such asrespect, competence, reliability, integrity, honesty, loyalty, accountability, self-restraint,justice, equity, fairness, courage, humility, caring, duty, honor, confidentiality, andcommon good.These are suggestions only. You are encouraged to use terms not onthis list. Discuss each concept in light of our readings. Demonstrate that your analysis isinformed by course readings by referencing them and using in-text references asappropriate throughout your submission. Compose one substantive and insightfulparagraph with in-text citations from course readings for each concept.b.Compose your personal statement of what ethical leadership in the public sector meansfor you. This should consist of 2-5 sentences. Be sure to include all of the five (5) value-laden concepts you chose. Show these in BOLD text.3.Include a reference list at the end of the journal entry for all sources cited in the submission.4.Post your entry using theJournaltool on the course toolbar by the end of the workshop.Assessment CriteriaCriteria25-30 Points19-24 Points13-18 Points0-13 PointsOverall ContentFollows allinstructions.Writing isFollows most of theinstructions.Writing is generallyFollows some of theinstructions.Writing fails toFollows few or noneof the requirementsof the assignment.
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