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Running head: PERSONAL GOAL SETTINGPersonal Goal SettingName of the Student:Name of the University:Author note:
1PERSONAL GOAL SETTINGI have set three types of goals for future, short-term, mid-term and long-term.Speaking of my short-term work goal, it is to secure a position in a company and to get aposition with endless opportunities for future progression on the demonstration of my abilityand that of my personal goal includes supporting my younger brother in developing hisbusiness. My mid-term work goal is to develop myself into a senior post and to confirm acommitment to a long-term relationship with my partner whereas, for my long-term goal, Ihave planned to become the head of a business unit and to support my family situation. Ipersonally believe that setting a goal gives a person a short-term motivation as well as a long-term vision. Each of these goals, are planned as according to my current as well as earliersituations and desires and each of these goals are very important for me to achieve for thebetterment of both my family and well as myself.The primary elements of a SMART goal are that it is Specific, Measurable,Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound and my goal is consisting each of these elements. Theyare very clear as well as well-defined and they include small amounts and dates as well. Thishelps me in measuring my degree of success over a period of time. With the same, they areattainable as well. As I have already mentioned earlier my goals and plans. They are not thathard for me to attain if I devote myself completely and motivate myself regularly in order toachieve them. Also, my goals are relevant enough to the direction I want my career and life totake. They are helping me in developing my focus I need to get to go ahead and achieve whatI want. I have also set a deadline for each of my goals. Like for example, I want to achieveboth my personal and work short-term goals within 1 to 2 years, my mid-term goal inbetween the coming 3 years and the long-term goal within 5 years of experience. Hence, mygoals have deadlines too. All these elements together is efficient enough to make my goals asSMART goals.
2PERSONAL GOAL SETTINGThe goal setting theory was first proposed in the year 1990 (Locke and Latham 2013).It concerns to the different affects of setting the goals on the subsequent performance. SirEdwin Locke and GP Latham have found it that, the people who set difficult goals in theirwork perform much better than those who do not or set easy goals (Locke and Latham 2013).He said that in order to be effective, the goals of an individual must have these five basicprinciples and they are clarity, commitment, challenge, task complexity and feedback(Breugst et al. 2012). The goals that lack in these principles fails to serve ample direction tothe employees. In order to become effective in motivating the performance, the goals need tobe challenging. For example, in case of a data entry employee, who types 90 wpm, but thegoal of hourly performance of the employee represents the speed of near about 60wpm. Sucha data entry employee is improbable to be more motivated or challenged in the job.Nevertheless,the goal of 100wpm will represent challenge or dare,which is not insuperable,but will need the employee for expanding additional effort in order to achieve success.Similarly, clarity in goals means that the goals are set in such a manner that both the managerand the employee must know whether the goal has been attained or not. Feedback is one ofthe most principles in setting gals. It can work either in constructive way or as a destructiveway for the employee. An employee who is given positive and constructive feedback abouthis performance in his job role is likely to perform much better than the ones who areprovided with negative or no feedback at all (Sommer and Kulkarni 2012). In addition to that,when the complexity of any task is high, the employees become overwhelmed and they losetheir confidence in their potential to achieve their set target or goals (Moen and Federici2012). Therefore, the managers in that case must ensure that they are providing he employeeswith ample of resources in order to achieve the goal and enough time in order to learn andexercise the task.
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