Personal Reflection on Clinical Experience in Nursing


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Personal Reflection
Integration of theory and practice is one of the key features of nursing as a profession as
well as a science. Clinical training is of very utmost importance to nursing education. It takes
place in a multifaceted social setting of the clinical surroundings. It prepares student nurses to be
able to know as well as do the clinical codes in practice.
During my clinical experience, I observed that interactions between health team members
could be quite difficult. This is because, working with a team necessitates having many skills
which encompasses understanding not only one’s particular role but also other people’s roles.
Most times good interactions between myself and other health team members were hindered by
unalike levels of expertise attainments to function as a team colleague, and varying opinions of
teamwork. For instance, there are various levels of student nurses and nurse aids and
consequently, this brings about a gap in the interactions. At some point a student nurse who had
far more experience than me subjected me to unspeakable workload just to prove herself to be
above me. People have varied opinions at concepts, so do nurses at the concept of team work.
Most of the ones I worked with only considered their individual performance first at the expense
of working as a team.
As a child, I had always feared the idea of death and dead bodies. I would not imagine
coming into contact with one even in my wildest dreams. Little did I know that later in life I
would take up the medical profession and such sights would be almost normal to perceive. Now
to the real story! During my first clinical experience at an older hospital, a patient passed on, I
was working the night duty. The deceased had to be taken to the morgue immediately, as that
was a custom there. Circumstantially, staffing was very tight that particular night and I had to do
this alone. The elevator groaned and creaked all the way down from the seventh floor to the
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