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The present education world is emphasising on building and developing, creative andproductive potential to the students regarding learning new skills and techniques which will beuseful in future career. My name is PQR and I wants to pursue HND in construction and builtenvironment in civil engineering from ABC college of UK because it is one of the best college inUK which focusses on assuring that each student studying over there receives a support andguidance which is required to realise the capabilities. This course is essential for me because ithas helped me in learning a lot of knowledge on working safely in engineering and to carry outengineering activities effectively and efficiently. Furthermore, this course will help me indeveloping relevant solutions to the problems associated with engineering which will be usefulfor me in expanding the industrial areas like design, development, manufacturing, testing,maintenance and operations. I am highly professional work oriented person so this course willalso allow me to gain success in many professional careers related to construction which includesmanagement, civil engineering, architecture, design, quantity, surveying, etc.ABC college is my first and foremost priority because your college excels in providingacademic knowledge and practical skills to the students. I am professionally work orientedperson and poses the great ability to manage working with team by acting as a good leader. I amcurrently involved in a job where I serve customers with relevant solutions to the problemswhich they may be facing. When I will get an opportunity to learn in your college then I willalways be able to face any challenge or task which will help me in moving forward. I will behighly committed towards the college assigned tasks and duties and accomplish the same in avery professionally oriented manner.Managing the professional working area is not an easy task. My previous workingexperience was challenging as well as an opportunistic. But because I am highly organised andpay attention to every detail, this helped me in developing higher level of effectiveness andaccuracy while performing the assigned tasks and duties. My past experience is a mixture ofvarious skills and knowledge because I m very curious person and poses a strong desire forintellectual exploration. This will not help me in learning presently but this kind of mind set willbe advantageous for me through out my career. My earlier experience has helped me in learningand managing the various activities and people by understanding their needs and wants andproviding them with satisfactory solutions and advices. My current job is also associated withmultiple roles an responsibilities which I am able to manage because of my calm nature which
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