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Assignment On Personal Statement

Added on - 05 Feb 2020

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Personal StatementEver since I was younger I have always dreamed about being a nurse, back in Africamy mother used to be a nurse she bought nursing equipment for me and she would teach mehow to use that equipment and how to take care of people, my mother was my role model.She also told me that as nurse, you must have good connection with your patients and makingthem comfortable with your presence is the major duty of a nurse. By this, I can treat all mypatients in a friendly manner and easily motivate them to take appropriate treatmentregarding their health and disease. It is the best position through which I am able to help sickand poor people and make them mentally strong regarding their issue. I am very sensitivethrough which I can feel the pain of others. All these inspired me even though I knew being anurse wasn’t easy but I knew if my mother could do it then I could too, my goal was to careand help people. This made me very determined to go to school, college and University to getall my qualification and be like her and make her a proud mother. Being a nurse involvesworking as a team, being able to communicate with the other colleagues alongside. This alsoinvolves serving society and caring for people.By this inspiration only I have selected to complete my education. I have had manyexperiences in past, I have been to a few hospitals such as the Royal Manchester hospital, theBury hospital and a few more. I worked there as a nursing assistance, working in thesehospital’s environments allowed me to have great experience whilst doing something I loveas well. This was a great way to help me prepare for when I qualify as a nurse.In order to fulfil my aspiration, I had completed my course of Health and social carelevel 2 from Hopwood Hall College. English level 2 course has been completed by me fromRochdale Campus. I have totally gone through my whole study within the area of Hospitalityand management. For this, diploma has been passed by me from London school of businessin the field of hospitality and management. Currently, I am pursuing the health and socialdiploma from the London College of UCK. However, I am having a previous workexperience within different hospitals and care homes that motivate me and make me learnabout my roles and responsibilities as a Nurse. At the time whenever I feel disappointed, mymother cherished and became my inspiration to be motivated me to work hard.In the past years, I worked with Bury NHS hospital where my major role was to givefood to the patients and look after them. I have completed this responsibility by incorporatingmy full efforts and giving food to patients on the particular timings. In addition to this, I havejoined Nestac for voluntary work in which I need to give proper customer support services.This job has given me enormous knowledge within the area of different needs of different
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