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Running head: PERSUASIVE ESSAYPersuasive EssayName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s Note
1PERSUASIVE ESSAYGeneral StatementIntroductionThe main purpose of academic research writing is toinform the readers about the researched topic in spiteof entertaining them as the creative writing does.Hence, it is advisable to the apprentice scholars toavoid using personal pronouns and emotional languagein their academic research paper. Academic writing iscomparatively where the scholars are to produceinformation supported by the previous work done onthe topic and the research carried out by the scholar.Using personal pronouns and emotional language willmislead the scholars to think about the authenticity ofthe provided information. Moreover, both the readerand writer in academic paper rushes for the usefulinformation from the paper. Use of emotional languagecan break the flow of information searchDiscussionCoffin &Hewings(2003)Different scholars perceive this view differently if theyshould or should not make use of personalpronunciations in their academic reports. Coffin andHewings (2003) for instance rejects the idea of usingpersonal pronounces in the academic writing as it mayinfluence the writers opinion and distract the readersfrom gaining the truth ion the matter. It is becauseindividual opinion regarding a matter can considerablyvary and it may not reveal the actuality of the fact.According to them, every discipline has some specificwords that cannot be used in other disciplines. These
2PERSUASIVE ESSAYacademic words have their value in particular field outof which, it loses its appropriateness. For instance, thewords used in physics may considerably vary from theones used in the field of economy. Both the words inthese fields may overlap and are synonyms, still theyfail to bring the essence of the writing and disrupt theflow of reading. Similarly, the use of personalpronounces in the academic report to some extentjeopardize the report of articles’ accurate andprofessional. It can even mislead the reader and createwrong impression of the topic under discussion.Harwood(2005)Harwood (2005) on the other hand disagrees thisconcept. Harwood in his article demonstrated howpersonal pronouns could increase the essence of thewriting and facilitate in creating a bond between thereaders and the writer. He presented his opinionreflecting articles of different disciplines that revealsimportance of personal pronouns in increasingnewsworthiness and novelty of their work. The use ofpersonal pronouns can bring politeness by describingor reviewing the facts and elaborate the argument onbehalf of the community. It also helps the author toorganise the paper and highlight the contemporarymodifications made in the subject under study.Le HaEmotional language on the other hand is only
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