Persuasive Letter Final Assignment

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Running head: PERSUASIVE LETTER FINALPERSUASIVE LETTER FINALName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1PERSUASIVE LETTER FINALDate:David LloydMary’s Mercy, 125/8Florence lane, East Block.Australia.Mr. Stephen GeorgeXavier’s institute of management,Whitford street,. North block.Australia.Respected Professor,It is to bring to your notice that I have attended your classes and lectures in the lastsemester based on the Business operations and management. I benefitted from your lectures andthe modules. It helped me in making considerable progress in shaping my carrier and therebyhelped me a lot in my life. The lectures helped me in understanding the ethics and identifying thegoals on which I need to work. Although, I did find the subject quite challenging and innovative,but it was through your constant efforts and guidance that I could excel in my assessments andclear the possible challenges. The challenges helped me to understand the values of ethics andthe implementation, which will be helping me in my professional life. The most intriguing part
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