Persuasive Speech on Be a Foster Parent

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Persuasive Speech on Be a Foster Parent
IntroductionThere are thousands of children in America’s foster care system who needs out-of-home carebecause of abuse, exploitation and the neglect that they face from their own families. Suchchildren are out there in all ages and with various needs. Foster parents are those who provide asupport system in the form of a stable family for the children who cannot manage to live withtheir birth parents until their family disputes are sorted. In most of the cases, foster parents workwith social agencies to reconnect the child with their birth parents. Before becoming a FosterParent, it is important to realize that it will change the life of a child being fostered. Fosterparenting can be a very time-consuming and difficult process as well, and it may require all theenergy. Some foster children have built in mental problems, and some are facing physicalproblems as well. Being a foster parent means doing something for the blessings of God becausebeing a foster parent is a team work with God to take care of poor ones.I.Skills and responsibilities for being a foster parenta)Personal skillsBefore getting into foster care, most of the families spent 1 year at least to givecareful thought to this idea. Foster parents need to have mastered their patiencelevels and should be able to control their emotions enough to have the ability tosay goodbye. They should also prepare their children and other family memberswith the decision of adding another member to the household even if for the shorttemporary duration. Since the foster children have been facing past abuse andneglect, so corporal punishment is not allowed to be used for them hence it isimportant to understanding management skills to control the child behavior. As afoster parent, the focus should be on building an attachment with the child. It gets
tougher at times to maintain calm with them as they can push the limits by beingabusive due to the stress they have been facing in the past. The foster parents willbe asked to attend meetings with individual groups hence it is important to beprepared to participate in such gatherings. The adoptive parents also have torepresent themselves to the family of the child they are going to be mentoring,and they play a significant role in the family reunification process (Welcome,2017).b)Legal Responsibilities-The fosterparents should be able to provide the childwith adequate food, homage and clothes, all the treatments necessary to promoteand maintain healthy life, providing them with enough education, training andemployment opportunities as per the age and their interests, allowing them tokeep contact with their birth family and other close persons, provide them safetyfrom any harassment or exploitation (AdoptUSKids.,2017).II.Accounting for foster children and the benefits to taxpayersa)Statistical Data on Foster Children
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