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Principles of Persuasion Assignment

Added on -2019-09-18

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Persuasive SpeechSpeech to Persuade on a Contemporary Topic -300 points (11/3/16)COM 102Professor PhelpsObjective of the AssignmentThis assignment is to present a 6 – 8 minute persuasive speech on a contemporary topic of significance. Your goal is to influence the values, attitudes or behaviors of the audience on yourtopic. There are 3 types of persuasive speeches: Focus on Questions of Facts: concern the validity of informationFocus on Questions of Values: modify these elements, get audience to agreeFocus on Questions of Policy: get listeners to change behaviorYour goal is to persuade the class to take action. You may choose any topic that is significant, relevant and new. The topic should not be the same one you spoke about in your informative speech. The speech requires that you conduct research to support your points. The speech is worth a total of 300 points.Organization, Thesis and Bibliography(use APA format for Bibliography)You should bring an overview of the topic you have chosen to talk about, and your thesis statement, to class before the speech is due. You should include a bibliography of at least 5 credible sources (not “.com,” “.net”).Full-sentence Preparation OutlineUsing the Motivated Sequence (100 points)You shoulduse the Motivated Sequenceto organize your speech (page 290).Label the sectionsof your speech to show what step in the sequence it is:Attention Need Satisfaction Visualization ActionWithin each section, use formal outlining format to make your points, sub-points, and sub-sub-points. The Preparation Outline should be written in full sentences. Remember to cite at least5crediblesources in this outline, which you will also cite in the speech. You should list your sources on a separate “Bibliography” page, using correct APA format.Submit the outline on Turnitin before class on the day you speak. If your Originality Score is higher than 18%, revise and resubmit the outline. Bring a typed copy of your outline to class and hand it in before you speak.6 - 8 minute speech to persuade (150 points)

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