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Pest analysis of Nokia Company Assignment

Added on - 31 May 2021

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PEST ANALYSIS1Pest analysis of Nokia Company:Introduction:Nokia is a Finland based company which was one of the leading brand in the globalmarket(Nokia 2018). The company was unable to adapt itself with the change that existed inthe market. The introduction of the smartphones was the noticeable change but Nokia failedto flourish in the field of innovation. The biggest competitor of Nokia was Samsung andApple.The Political factors:The company is based in the European nation of Finland. The government of Finlandhardly supported the company. It has refused to give the company the bailout and it did notreceive any special favours from the government. This factor forced the company to form analliance with Microsoft that turned out to be an unsuccessful idea. The other competitors ofNokia receives huge support from the government whereas Nokia has received minimumsupport from the government. The possible threat of this is that the production of thecompany might move from that particular region to other regions at higher cost (Borhanuddinand Iqbal 2016).The economic factors:The company suffered from a huge economic crisis. The competitors of Nokia has theopportunity to explore the vast economic resources and Nokia lacks the same. It sufferedfrom a huge loss and this is the reason they are unable to develop the advanced designs andmodels. The reason for this, is Nokia does not have the money to finance extensive researchand developments efforts that their competitors have (Fakhrutdinova et al. 2015).
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