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PEST Analysis:Politicala.The issues are related to thegovernment organization and thepolitical instability.b.The politics are being set mainly toreduce the pollution in the differentcenters where the standardization is forthe state with decreased preference forthe color of rentals (Barbara et al.,2017).c.The opportunities for the clothingindustry is the incentive use of theclothing material which helps thepeople to set their product easily.Economica.The plan is also related to the properhandling and helping the countries withdecreased unemployment rate byincreasing number of employees.b.The difference in salary in differentareas is a major threat for the people.With the economic change, there arenumber of consumers who work onhandling the unemployment rate inAsian culture, with proper investmentopportunity and trade balance.c.The clothing products are mainlyinfluenced by the raw material wherethe yield is being used in the differentclothing process. Here, the distributionis also affected by the fuel cost wherethe operations are defined in theinternational market which involves themovements that affect the groups ofindustry (Thursby et al, 2016).Social/Culturala.The clothing industry need to keep upwith the latest and effective collection.b.Here, the focus is on the people whoare likely able to adapt the Asianculture and heritage.c.The demography includes the propergrowth rate, with age distribution andpopulation density. It works on thesocial culture and lifestyle developmentthat is important for the basic andTechnologicala.The technology is depending upon theworld’s smart clothing material wherethere is a possibility of using the Asianmaterials woven in the clothes.b.The environmental friendly and therecycle programs of packaging are alsoconsidered to be effective and handyfor the people.c.The people focus on the modernmanufacturing techniques of the
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