Viability of Expansion and PESTLE Analysis

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PESTLE analysis in checking Viability of ExpansionWith a charity amount of £5 million grant Silver Line can devise after analysis it with thePESTLE analysis to check viability within UK.Political FactorsBecause of the political stability in Haringay, be it with the new reforms, plans and policiescomes favorable in accordance with the strategy with the Silver UK. Charities needs to beconsidered where there is a high end goods and services.PositiveRelatively ‘fair’& stable country and public favors Haringay council & reforms.Positive proactive governmentPolitically stableNegativeDeep downs corruptionNew migrants penetrating in the UK country ultimately resulting in new reforms &making it unstableEconomic FactorsHaringay has a favorable economic factors such as stability, bank and domestic interest rates,inflation, employment rates and cost of living. All these factors conclude Charity coexistencesince people duringrecessions or economic unviability will not favor such causes and therecan be shortage of funds churning. Looking at the current trends Silver UK can expand inHaringay.PositiveHaringay economy is dominated with the big & small businesses who has employedmaximum people within the division.Stable population with normal growth rateDiversified economy with both large public and private sectorsFree marketNegativeDeeply impacted during economic recessionMigrants might get settle due to free economic zoneSocial FactorsIt includes cultural demographics, social growth, health parameters which is favorable forSilver UK charity to survive & sustain in Haringay current trends.Positive
Many free public services (e.g. National Health Services)New migrant’s cheap workforce.High standard of livingNegativeOld age dependency ratioNew social migrants and ethnic groupsInflated education costsTechnological FactorsHaringay is supportive of including latest innovative ideas, new technology developed whichis comparable with the Silver UK goals and parameters. Since charity needs to blend inaccordance with the new technologies.PositiveAdvance quality innovation skillsExpertise in science and ITEffective laws with regard to intellectual propertyMany leading Research & development institutes in HaringayNegativeCompetitors & price breakingLegal reformsVarious Haringay legal reforms which includes tax policies, labor laws, currency stability,evaluation of export/import flows and restrictions is stable in accordance with the globalturmoil. Hence if the Silver UK plans to expand in the this new area it can coexist since allthe Silver UK corporate governance and strategy devised are as per reforms. Operationsneeds to be retouched as per NGO regulations as per new Haringay legislations.PositiveLegal reforms and supportive lawsHaringay people follow laws ethicallyAs such no criminal or terrorist acts recorded from the Haringay communityNegativeMigrants are new in the economy and hence may create tensions and anti socialgroupsDestabilizing economy due to the labor unrest and new protocolsEnvironmental Factors
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