(solved) Pestle Analysis of Mose

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PESTLE ANALYSISPestle is said to be a tool that stands for Political, economic, social, technological andenvironmental analysis which can have stronger impact on overall decision making of theorganization. It is generally used for strategic planning activities in order to understand externalinfluences on a business. It is inclusive of macro environmental factor that can influencebusiness activities. Hence, the output received from it is used for strategic planning,organizational change, business and product development phase, marketing planning andresearch reports (What is PESTLE Analysis? A Tool for Business Analysis,2015).Mose is a laptop company which aims that ruling the market through quality products andtapping high end customers. Currently, it is planning to sell its new product, TITAN – 21 inWestern European market. Hence, it is important to study the external factors that can driveoverall success of the organization. In order to perform this function, Pestle analysis will beperformed for Mose in the following manner:Political:It is inclusive of the governmental factors that can have direct or indirect influenceon functionality of the company. For instance, imposition of new tax or duty on imports andexports. It might change the entire revenue structure of the Mose and can affect profitabilityas well. Other political factors include, tax policies, trade tariffs, fiscal policy that can affectthe economic environment of the business. Currently, Mose is planning its expansion inWestern Europe through its new product. The countries in the west of Europe are, Portugal,Andorra and Spain. The politics of these countries are mainly dominated by rules andregulations followed by European Union (Khan, Alam and Alam, 2015). Due to existence ofpoliticians in power, it can become difficult for the company to cope up with the currentongoing trend and fulfil the requirements of rules and regulations of government at well.However, on the other hand, European Union have been able to take adequate steps son as toco ordinate and promote its member states in their activities and expansion. Hence, it can bestated that the current position of Western Europe will help in promoting and expanding theproducts of Mose in the market.Economic:Europe is considered to be the largest continent on this earth and is measured as arichest region which is managing assets of approximately $32.7 trillion as per the figures of2008. Hence, the region comes under the richest continent in the world. Countries of WesternEurope, being a part of European Union, are able to import and export material from one1
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