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Phase Fault Analysis Report

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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CE 2.1: Project IntroductionName of the Project:Three Phase Fault Analysis with Auto Reset for Temporary Faultand Trip for Permanent FaultGeographical Location:[Please Fill]Project Duration:[Please Fill]Organization:[Please Fill]Position in the Project:Team LeaderCE 2.2: Project BackgroundCE 2.2.1: Characteristics of the ProjectThere have been many studies made regarding the faults in the overhead lines those showthat 70% to 90% of the faults on these lines are transient. Insulator flashover is a transient faultthat is cleared by immediate tripping of one or more circuit breakers in manner to isolate theidentified fault. The electrical substations those supply electricity to the population of the sectormight suffer certain failures due to certain faults no matter it is small or big. These faults include3L (three lines), LL (Line to Line), and LG (Line to Ground) in the supply systems and thiscould affect the power system of that area. This project is a successful attempt to make a systemthat can be helpful in sensing such faults. Based on this detection, automatic tripping mechanismhas been introduced to the project that will work according to the type of the fault and willrespond accordingly.Page1of9
CE 2.2.2: Objectives developed for projectSuccessful designing of this project needs proper electrical engineering knowledge inmanner to create an effective system to detect such faults and prevent from further destruction.The objective of this report can be listed as:To develop a tripping mechanism for three phase supply system;To detect major or minor faults in the power supply;To disconnect the connection between the customers and power stations;To present a star input and star output network for three connected transformers;CE 2.2.3: My area of workI had designed the circuit and done hardware testing that includes two phases,conductivity test and Power on test. I had to check whether the circuit was closed and thecontinuity of the power supply. I had used multi meter and a bundle of wires in manner toevaluate whether all the elements of the circuit are receiving the rated voltage and current or not.I had performed the power on test without ICs and using multi meter in the voltage mode. Ichecked whether the output voltage of the transformer is 12V AC or not (and batteries are fullycharged or not).CE 2.2.4: Project GroupPage2of9
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