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Running Head:PHI 1520 ETHICS AROUND THE GLOBEPhI 1520 Ethics around the Globe
PHI 1520 ETHICS AROUND THE GLOBE2IntroductionIt can be said that there was a time when I had to take an ethical decision. Furthermore,decisions about wrong and right permeate in the day to day life. Ethics is such an element thattends to concern all the levels of the life in terms of acting properly as an individual. Thisassignment will be highlighting an incident where I had taken an ethical decision.Furthermore, I will be also explaining how different opinions would have affected theoutcome in a different manner and the external factors that had an impact on the decision.BodyIt has been mentioned earlier that an ethical decision is mainly the decision whereanindividual chooses for responding to a given situation that is based completely on the valuesof good or bad.Part of studying ethics is the ability to assess the short and long-termconsequences of a decision and then choose the option that will have the more favourableoutcomes (Noddings, 2013).Situation- In my college days only few days ago I faced a situation where I had taken theethical decision. I was sitting in the college canteen and heard incredible obnoxious and loudindividuals mostly some notorious seniors came in and they were disturbing and targeting thejuniors mainly the females and people belonging from the other races who were eating theirfood. However, it has been observed that the college administrators have gone to greatlengths in terms of finding out some of the ways for decreasing the dangerous behaviour inthe college campus like this that are influenced by the binge drinking. But the situation is stillnot under control in fact it is worsening day by day. I had some choices for facing thissituation firstly, I would have took a stand in terms of beating up the jerks until they left, thendo my best for ignoring them, but I choose the last option that is taking them directly to the
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