Philanthropic Responsibility Assignment

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Philanthropic responsibilityLast but not least, as discussed earlier, companies has various responsibility which isto serve for different purposes. If a company is able to achieve all the responsibilities, thenthe company can start achieving the philanthropic responsibility which generally is to servethe community at large. Philanthropic responsibility is also known as the voluntaryresponsibility by the corporation where the corporation will voluntarily engage itself in socialinitiatives. This responsibility is not made compulsory by any written law but it is thevoluntary act of the corporation itself to meet the social needs and expectations of the publictowards the corporation.In respect of the philanthropic responsibility, a corporation which including theinvolvement of its employees and shareholders will usually participate in the charitabledonation by donating services to community, engaging in projects to promote the generalwelfare of the society, launching any programmes to aid environment and so on.1It isimportant to note that one of the major issues that took place in the society is that there are alarge group of people who needed help but could not get one. So such charitable contributionby the corporation is indeed necessary to alleviate the problem.According to Jane Wales, the founder of the Global Philanthropy Forum and VicePresident of Philanthropy and Society at the Aspen Institute, there are two different types ofphilanthropy namely traditional corporate philanthropy and strategic philanthropy. Intraditional corporate philanthropy, it only involves the promotion of welfare of the public viacharitable donations; while in strategic philanthropy, it promotes the public welfare and at thesame time also fulfils the marketing goals of the company.2While discussing on philanthropic responsibility, we will be looking at instances ofcompany which engages in corporate philanthropy. One of the notable examples is MedtronicPublic Limited Company which is the world’s largest medical device company. Medtronicgets involved in traditional corporate philanthropy which includes serving donations byproviding affordable and quality healthcare to the underserved communities and expand thehealthcare access as well as improve the health facilities. Besides, Medtronic also engage inthe program known as volunteer grant to encourage Medtronic’s generous employees to1Georgeta Grogore, 'Ethical and Philanthropic Responsibilities in Practice' [2010]10(3)Annals of UniversityPetrosani, Economics170-171.2National academies of sciences, engineering, and medicine,Exploring Shared Value in Global Health andSafety: Workshop Summary(The National Academies Press2016).
donate time, skills, and resources to the communities. For example, the employees willcontribute their time in working at a charity and wages will be paid by Medtronic to thecharity. Medtronic also enable and encourage its patients with chronic disease to make use oftheir extra life to help others who are in need.Apart from that, Medtronic also engage in strategic philanthropy where they invest ina project called HealthRise which enable them to partner up with various local governments,particularly on India, Brazil, United States and South Africa. The purpose of this is to addressbarriers in the chronic management of hypertension and diabetes in those countries.HealthRise also developed on the area of maternal child health, tuberculosis, HIV andmalaria, especially outside the United States. Within the United States, HealthRise seeks toconnect what might be happening in a health care system with what is happening in thecommunity.3Hence, as can be seen that it is indeed a win-win situation for both the corporate andthe communities where the corporate gets to achieve their goals and at the same timecommunities also get the help from the corporate.Furthermore, there are also some examples of corporate philanthropy which are worthmentioning. PepsiCo, a multinational food, snack and beverage corporation engages invarious projects to ensure healthy lifestyles, sufficient nutrition and access to clean water ofthe communities. In should be noted that the issue of childhood hunger and poor nutritionsuffered by children are still endemic and some of them even starve to die. The children arealso struggling to get the healthy food they need during summer. So PepsiCo has launched a“Food for Good” project for the purpose of improving access to healthy and nutritious food inunderserved communities. Even though prior to this project, a program called Summer FoodService Program (SFSP) launched by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)has provided funds to support the summer meals for the kids, but yet less than 10 per cent ofeligible kids get access to these meals. This is due to the inaccessible transport system in therural area which has prevented them from reaching the summer food service sites that arelocated at schools, parks or other community sites.Therefore, PepsiCo has introduced “Food for Good” project in year 2009 to provide amobile meal program that can bring nutritious and healthy food directly to the kids’ house or3Medtronic,'Medtronic Philanthropy'(Medtroniccom)<>accessed 20 August 2017
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