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1PhilosophyAnswer1: Three criteria of Wolf for living a life of meanings are;i)Like what you doii)Do it for a long timeiii)Good at what you doMr. X is in Nazi army. Being in an army is in itself a sense of motivation. It creates a desire fordoing something for the nation. Mr. X will achieve the first criteria of Wolf if he likes to be inthe army. He is a very enthusiastic person and loves to serve the nation. He actively engages inthe activities of the army. He is dedicated to his work and never step back from his duties. He isserving the nation for more than two decades, and he intends to serve the nation for more years.In this way, he has achieved the second criteria of Wolf. He is very good at his duty. He hasreceived some excellent awards in the field of the army. He has fully determined to his work anddoes his duty with honesty.Wolf says that if a person is achieved the above three criteria, he will have a meaning of life. Hewould be passionate about what he is doing and enjoy his/her work. Apart from this he alsowould be good at work.I agree with this up to certain extent. Because if we like what we do, we would be better in thatand we would also enjoy that. But there are certain things which also give meaning to our livesrather than what we do.Answer2: A desire to have a desire is known as second-order inclination. But the second-orderinclination is not strong desire that induces a person to act upon that. The second orderinclination is important because it creates at least a desire within us and if some other forces willact we can bring that desire into action. For example- someone has the desire to be a footballplayer and play for the nation. But he is not practicing for it. It is called as second-orderinclination. But if someone or something else would induce him to go for practice, he would gofor that or the second order inclination would come in action.A second-order volition is a wish to having a specific desire to work and be different. The secondorder volition is a matter of integration. The second order inclination is different from second-order volition because second-order inclination deals with only a desire to be something or to dosomething but it does not lead the person to the action, but second-order volition is a desire for adesire that brings him to action. It brings an individual into action to achieve or accomplish thedesire.Answer3: According to Frankfurt, followingare the steps that an individual should take to make surethat they have the best set of desires possible.The prospect of doing x respond no sensationA is not aware that he wants xA is believing that he does not want x
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