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Question 1As per the analysis it has been observed that there are three different types of causeobtainable which has been discussed by Heidegger. Material as along with formal and finalare one of those major causes within these following circumstances. Material has always beendeemed as an initial cause among the others. However, material is indicating towardspreliminary stage of conducting any work. On the other hand, formal has been stated towardsthe effective ideas for before concluding the creation process (Pettman, et al., 2013). The lastand the major part is Final. This particular cause is indicating towards the conclusion of theproject or creation. Entire discussion about those crucial causes has been discussedunderneath:Material cause is indicating towards the major elements by which the entire creation processcould be conducted. It has been observed that the human body is all about cells by which thebody of the humans has been made of. Just like that, wooden boxes have been created withwood and following this, computers have been made of with several electrical componentsand transistors. It has been observed that the material causes have become very effective inorder to comprehend the properties of something. Wooden box are generally burn because thematerial is woods. Similarly, human body needs oxygen always because the whole body ismade of with cells. Material cause has been divided in to two major parts. Prime as alongwith proximate matter are those major parts. It has been observed that, prime matter does nothave any properties (Fairweather, et al., 2013). On the contrary, woods, human cells andelectronic components are included under circumstances of proximate matter. Another majorcause is formal cause. This following cause is indicating towards the several of ideas bywhich the creation process could be conducted. As an example, body of the humans has beenconsidered as human. Similarly, wooden boxes have also known as boxes. Those majorinstances are indicating towards the impact of this following cause. This particular cause hasalso been divided into two different parts. Exemplary causes along with formal cause arethose major components under the circumstances of the formal cause. Things can beapproved by either one cause. Both of this cause cannot conduct the same process. Inaddition, the final cause is the indication towards the final conclusion. As an example, whywindows are always broken by the balls? The final cause is balls are more hard than thewindows, that is the reason they broke. After analysing those major things, it will be easy tounderstand the whole scenario.

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