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Assignment on Physical Lighting on the Venue

Added on - 27 Jul 2022

So this is a group project that we are going to hold fundraising gala for Bengal tiger and I’m in charge of lighting design of this gala. It has to be creative and choose the right lighting for the theme. We chose the rainforest for the gala theme. It would be great if you use lots of expressions. And I have to incorporate the lighting that I learned in class. I will attach the presentation!

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Physical lighting on the Venue
Broadly we will divide the venue into three zones; the zone where our guest will sit will be the
area where mood lighting will be introduced to create a royal feel in the ambiance. We will use a
theme where spotlights will fall directly on the guests. The spotlighting over this area will define
a physical boundary for the guests. Adequate lines of the LED lights can be introduced to add a
spatial feel for this particular zone.
Expression of the joy associated with the cause
The second zone will be the zone of the backdrop where a prominence of orange color and green
color will be seen. The focus will be more on the wall. The primary colors of the green and
orange will receive a shower while LED lights. The shower of White light will change the tones
of orange and green color; the white shower will add a sense of euphoria in the backdrop. With
the help of this backdrop, we will express the joy of success associated with the preservation of
the Royal Bengal Tigers.
The area of the real jungle to add a symbol of thrill
The area of the jungle will be illuminated with a theme of light. This theme will be divided into
two parts, in the first part we will establish day time inside a jungle, the temperature of the
lighting will be equivalent to daylight, and a haze of cool blue shades will give it the feel of a
dense forest which is the real habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger. The second part of the theme will
depict the time of night, under this theme spotlights consisting of warm tones will appear in a
dark setup of the jungle. This transformation of Jungle with the help of lights will add a thrill in
the experience of the visitors and create a memorable moment for them; especially the kids will
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