Physical security can be considered as the foundation of the

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Physical security can be considered as the foundation of the overall strategy. There are varioussophisticated features in the security products that are important in ensuring the network andtheir components.Locks:Before locking down theservers, the company mustensure that there are goodquality of locks in theserver rooms. Further theorganization must alsorequire policies regardingthe locking of the doorswith their timings.The organization must settheir policies on theauthentication of the locksand distribute the roles andresponsibilities for it.The physical networks andthe personal with physicalaccess to the switches,servers, routers, devicesand cables are also decidedby the organization. Theorganization should haveauthenticated locks in thedoors as well as thewindows to preventunauthorized access.Visitors’ passes:A visitor pass allows theperson to enter theorganization and the passenables a visitor to enterthe system. This is a kindof logo with the VISITORbeing mentioned on it anddepicts that the rightperson is entering thepremises. This pass alsoconfirms that the personhas been made aware of allthe fire, accident and theevacuation procedures.Sign in / out systems:This system makes surethat people have signed inand out of theorganization. It isconsidered to be animportant sign and in caseof fire emergency, peopleknow that they are safe andare aware of the comingand exits of theorganization.In case anything is stolenthe security can check whosigned in using their roomand can even check theCCTV footage therebypreventing theunauthorized access.Biometrics (VoiceRecognition):The process of voicerecognition can help inidentifying the person onthe basis of their voices.The identification of thevoice is an important factorfor accessing information.This is a recognitiontechnology can be effectedby the change in the voiceof the person due to illnessand moods etc.
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