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Physical security can be considered as the foundation of the

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Physical security can be considered as the foundation of the overall strategy. There are varioussophisticated features in the security products that are important in ensuring the network andtheir components. Locks:Before locking down the servers, the company must ensure that there are good quality of locks in the server rooms. Further the organization must also require policies regarding the locking of the doors with their timings. The organization must set their policies on the authentication of the locks and distribute the roles andresponsibilities for it. The physical networks and the personal with physical access to the switches, servers, routers, devices and cables are also decidedby the organization. The organization should have authenticated locks in the doors as well as the windows to prevent unauthorized access. Visitors’ passes:A visitor pass allows the person to enter the organization and the pass enables a visitor to enter the system. This is a kind of logo with the VISITOR being mentioned on it and depicts that the right person is entering the premises. This pass also confirms that the person has been made aware of allthe fire, accident and the evacuation procedures. Sign in / out systems:This system makes sure that people have signed in and out of the organization. It is considered to be an important sign and in case of fire emergency, people know that they are safe andare aware of the coming and exits of the organization. In case anything is stolen the security can check whosigned in using their room and can even check the CCTV footage thereby preventing the unauthorized access.Biometrics (Voice Recognition):The process of voice recognition can help in identifying the person on the basis of their voices. The identification of the voice is an important factorfor accessing information. This is a recognition technology can be effected by the change in the voice of the person due to illness and moods etc.
Physical security can be considered as the foundation of the_1

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