Physics Assignment - Principle of Momentum Conservation

Added on - 01 Oct 2019

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Answer: 1Principle of momentum conservation is defined as the force acting between two objects hasequal magnitude and opposite in the direction. This principle can associate with the given case.1.Initial condition, when stone throws into the air.The weight of stone =m1gand velocity¿V12.Final condition, when stone arrive towards the groundThe weight of stone¿m2gand velocity =V2Comparing the initial condition and final condition of stone.m1V1g=m2v2gm1V1=m2v2here,momentummagnitudeisnotchange,onlydirectionchangebothconditionSo, it is not violate the conservation momentum.Answer: 2(1)F=μmg¿0.21x35x9.8¿72.03F72N(2)Workdone=ForcexdistanceVelocity=distancextimeWorkdone=ForcexVelocitytime¿72x3062
Workdone=360NmAnswer: 3(a)As provide case of the system, the space has not gravitation force, so momentum value is not equal asearth has.The initial momentum of the system in space =m1v1w=mgm=wg¿1219.8m=12.34so,initialmomentum=12.34x4.22¿52.10kgms(b)intialmomentum=finalmomentumm1v1=m2v2v2=137.5x4.22104.5x9.81v2=0.575ms(c )v=7660ms3
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