Project on Intelligent Braking System

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CE 2.1 Project InformationName of the project:Intelligent Reverse Braking SystemLocation of the project:[PLEASE FILL]Project Duration:[PLEASE FILL]Organization:[PLEASE FILL]Role and Designation during the time:Team MemberCE 2.2 Project BackgroundCE 2.2.1 Characteristics of the projectThe main theory behind the working of this project is to implement the use of the brakingsystem of vehicles being developed in the recent market. I had worked on the project toimplement the proximity sensor of the cars with the braking system of the car. The implementedsystem in the market it the sounding of an alarm system so as to make the driver aware of anobstacle in front of the vehicle. I have worked on the project to implement a smart brakingsystem based on the proximity alarm system for the vehicles for an added security system. Themain aim of this project is to work on the process of developing an intelligent braking systembased on an electronically controlled vehicle braking system. I had compiled the working of theproject with the help of a sensor operated brake consisting of opto transmitter and receivercontrolling circuit and pneumatic braking system.
CE 2.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectFor the completion of the project I had developed the following list of objectives whichhad been followed:To make the project compatible with all type of sensor circuits of vehicles.To make the project with the help of network intelligence in the vehicleTo accurately process the decelerating speed of the vehicle so as to reduce the collisioneffect.To effectively understand the pressure and the temperature of the contact points of thefriction plate.CE 2.2.3 My area of workIn this project I had worked for the process of helping my team mates with my skills as aproduction engineer. I had looked after the working procedure of the project to see if thecomplete project was working as per the requirements and the objectives which had been setforward from the beginning of the project. I had also helped my team mates in the developmentof the structural skeleton of the working of the vehicle. The project was to be made so as to looklike a model of an imitation of a vehicle.
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