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Analysis of Large Truck Collisions with Bridge Piers

Added on - 31 Oct 2019

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CE 2.1 Project InformationName of the project:Analysis of Large Truck Collisions with Bridge Piers: Phase 1.Report of Guidelines for Designing Bridge Piers and Abutments for Vehicle CollisionsLocation of the project:[PLEASE FILL]Project Duration:[PLEASE FILL]Organization:[PLEASE FILL]Role and Designation during the time:Team MemberCE 2.2 Project BackgroundCE 2.2.1 Characteristics of the projectThe project had been developed for the learning of the effect for the truck accidents onthe bridge piers. The report has been prepared for the working procedure of Phase 1 of ananalysis of the impact on the piers when the trucks collide with them. The truck collision hasbecome the 3rd leading cause of the destruction of the bridges around the world. This has raisedconcern for many of the construction department on how the working of the piers and theconstruction of the piers should be made to find the best suitable and production of the bridgepiers along with an innovative production procedure for the reduction of the bridge accidentscaused by the trucks.
CE 2.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectThe following objectives had been developed during the implementation of the project:To achieve the understanding procedure of the collision process of the trucks along thebridge piers.To develop a better solution for the construction of the bridge piers for the reduction of thecrash scenarios.CE 2.2.3 My area of workFor the development of the research project I was responsible for the calculation of theshear force, the turning point for the finding and the calculation of the better understand theability of the working of collision test. This helped me and my teammates to find the best anglethat would be used for detecting the angle when the collision occurs on the piers.
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