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Report on Bluetooth Robot with CMOS Image Sensor

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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CE3.1 Project InformationName of the project:Bluetooth Robot with CMOS Image SensorLocation of the project:[PLEASE FILL]Project Duration:[PLEASE FILL]Organization:[PLEASE FILL]Role and Designation during the time:Team MemberCE 3.2 Project BackgroundCE 3.2.1 Characteristics of the projectSurveillance applications can play a vital role in enhancing the security and law within acity and implementing Bluetooth for the access of the operation could make it possible in an easymanner. I have embedded Bluetooth control in the system to operate the wireless camera that canbe helpful in transmitting and receiving the signal at short range in serial format. This systemwill enable the user to control and manipulate the view and movement of the camera throughBluetooth interface using a PC. This project can be applicable and provide many facilities for thehome appliances and industry use. I have developed this project in a manner that it can beapplicable for the two-way data communication between the controlling device and the camera.CE 3.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectI was motivated towards implementing these ideas in manner to deliver the projectsuccessfully and practically implement the knowledge and skill that I had gathered during the
academics. For the successful deployment of the project I and my team had set the followinggoals and objectives:To develop a surveillance system that can be controlled remotelyTo improve the surveillance experience and enhance the monitoring systemTo control both the navigation and view of the camera through PCCE 3.2.3 My area of workI was working in a team to develop this robot and I had tried to enable a module that canbe helpful in the transmission of the signals in a serial format. I had implemented the Bluetoothmodem for the control of the quality of the view and navigation of the wireless camera. I had tocover the workings related to the Bluetooth modem and control of the signals. I was working onthe transmission of the signal between the wireless camera and the Bluetooth modem andlimiting the range of 10 meters for controlling the robot remotely. I had implemented the UARTcommunication protocol and was the biggest contribution in manner to enable the smooth andeffective flow of the signals.
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