Health and Social Care Research Project Assignment

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Type a caption for your photo1.1.1 Theinformationrelating tohealth andsocial carereaches thepublicdomain.Information is important to developthe knowledge which will flow the society andit is having the variety of the advantages in it.Information’s on the health care and the socialcare is important when the current issueswhen are been overcome in the health andsocial care. The professionals are the sourcesof the knowledge and they create and itcreates the knowledge base it is key ofdistributing and to create the knowledge andflow in the society. The professional of thehealth care use to gather the data through theresearch andresearch and the experiments andthey create information after havingthe long analysis process. So by thisthe information’s on the health andthe social care is being generatedthrough a process of the analysis andthe collecting of the data. By havingthe globalization effect the massmedia and the technologies have beenplayed an important role in thedistributing their knowledge. Thetechnologies which is modern in thatapproaches like the internet and thetelevision is been prove to begathering a knowledge. The healthcare professionals use to develop theand gather the information and theyforums that an any of the persons canadmit and to gather the relatedinformation’s which they are needed,but in the media distributes theknowledge which will depend on thepurpose of the distributing. for anexample the health care professionalswould choose the television and thepublic campaign to make inform thesocieties it that may a disease or if it isa wide spreading health care issues.As an examples the scientists do theexperiments and the researches aboutthe smoking and they have beenanalysis the data and after they hadbeen researched they spread theknowledge to the people that whilesmoking it causes cancer. And thepeople had been gathered thisinformation’s from the internet andAs the professional of the health careuse to play a role to investigate and todo researches, and the health care useto process and they use the massmedia as the transporting of the maininformation’s and the knowledge tothe people.
1.2 Disseminatinginformation relating tohealth and social care.The information would be transferredto the society from the sources which arenewspaper, television, etc. as the smoking isalso a big issue and the most of theresearchers used to pay attention to theinformation to the public continuously. So themost of the professionals chooses the sourcesis television and the internet. And the internetalways the people to know about the matterin more detail at a that moment only. Theprofessionals use to make the written reportsto get the high attention and they provide themore information towards the society. Thistechnique is better than the others hasbecause there that been a great developmentin the technologies in this modern days, sothere are number of people which use toaccess the internet it is been increased off bydoing and sharing the knowledge on theinternet will help the number of the people toknow about the information more. Thetelevision is the fastest then the newspaperhas they can get more attentions of the peoplethen the whothat more effective and attractive so thatpeople can come and join in it in a quantity.By using these techniques in this time that caninternet also has their many peoples who does nothave any connections with the internet yet. And theinternet has the more capacity to spread theinformation as in that the people can share to theother people so it can be in the rotation so it will be intheir eyes every time. Now a day there are manyadvantages of the internet has they can deliver theinformation to the peoples. Internet is being becomethe more important in the life of the people as itprovides many information regarding the day to daylife and the things which are going in the world andfrom that the officers can take the concern of thepeople through internet. But for the people who arenot yet connected with the internet they use to getthe information by the television and from the publiccampaigns so by that they can create the concern ofthe public. In the modern time the public campaign isbeen supported and the mass media use to give theaudio visual effects to the participants so thatcampaign to make
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