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PICO Question - Assignment

Added on - 27 May 2021

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Running head:PICO QUESTIONPICO QUESTIONName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
PICO QUESTION1Assignment TemplateScenarioMartin is a competitive cyclist in the local cycling club championship, where he isextremely motivated to improve his performance in cycling and reduce his trial time. He wants toremain in a stringent and well maintained diet. Martin has been informed by few members of theclub that caffeine can boost up energy before any cycling performance. Hence Martin wants tovalidate the effectiveness of caffeine as a stimulant that can boost up energy.My answerable question:Does caffeine helps to boost up energy prior to a cycling race in young to adult cyclistsother than those not using caffeine supplements.P- Young adult cyclistsI-Caffeine supplementsC- Non- caffeinated supplements of other energy drinksO- Increase in energy, alertness, peak muscle function, enhancement of performance.PICO chartPopulation/patient/problemIntervention/IssueComparisonIntervention/issueOutcome
PICO QUESTION2KeywordsSprint, cycling,CHO lowering,exercise.“Caffeine” AND“cycling” OR“sprint”.Caffeine, caffeinesupplement, CAFmouth rinse,Energy drinks,beetroot juice,Taurine,caffeinatedchewing gumCardiovascularresponses, peakmuscle function.HeadingsYoung CyclistsUptake ofcaffeineBeet root juiceBoost up theenergyDatabase search1.Central Nervous System Stimulants/ or Caffeine/ or Brain/ or Motor Activity/ (570105)2.(Caff* or "coffee").mp. [mp=title, abstract, original title, name of substance word, subjectheading word, keyword heading word, protocol supplementary concept word, raredisease supplementary concept word, unique identifier] (52454)3.caffeine and CYCLING {Including Related Terms} (9948)4.caffeine AND athletes {Including Related Terms} (10017)5.Caffeine OR beetroot juice {Including Related Terms} (10426)6.limit 2 to (english language and full text and "caffeine as psychostimulant" and yr="2012- 2018") (8388)7.Caffeine AND cycling OR athletes {Including Related Terms} (5655)8.caffeine in cycling performance {Including Related Terms} (2951)9.caffeine AND mouth rinse {Including Related Terms}(1499)10.(Caffeine and stimulant).mp. [mp=title, abstract, original title, name of substance word,subject heading word, floating sub-heading word, keyword heading word, protocolsupplementary concept word, rare disease supplementary concept word, unique identifier,synonyms] (635)11.limit 5 to (“cycling” and “ caffiene” and "young adult and adult (19-24 and 19-44)") (13)
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