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PICO WORKSHEET1AssignmentPICO WORKSHEETStudent Name:Student ID:Course Name:Course ID:Faculty Name:University Name:
PICO WORKSHEET2PICO WORKSHEETWhat is the PICO QUESTION?A well-built question which has all components of PICO is called a PICO QUESTION. It isbased on evidence-based practise to obtain answers to clinical problems.PICO QUESTION- In men with Diabetes what are the chances of developing retinaldetachment?Population-P-Adult malesIntervention-I-DiabetesComparator-C-Check blood sugarOutcome- O-Retinal detachmentDefine each element of the question below:P- (Patient, population, or problem): This includes the chief complaints of the patient or theprimary problem. The disease from which the patient is suffering. Also, it includes age andsex of the patient.I- (Intervention): This step is most important because it is important to identify what planwe need further for the patient . It helps in selecting the diagnostic tests, therapy, medicationand other recommendation to the patient.C- (Comparison with other treatment/current practice): This stage helps us determining themain alternative for the patient which we are considering. It has to be specific.O- (Desired outcome): This is the final part. In this, we have decided the plan to be followed.This must benefit the patient in eliminating the specific symptom and improving functions.
PICO WORKSHEET3What is the practice issue/problem?In nursing for us, any problem which will put the patient’s life at risk or it is anything thatinterferes with the standards of nursing practice, the employer guidelines or the clinicalstandards are the practice issue. We need to adhere to the standards of nursing while takingproper care of the patient.What is the practice area?The practise area is the main area of expertise. Nowadays there is a requirement of constantdevelopment of skills by pursuing different specialisation such as Psychiatric Nursingpractice, nurse anaesthetists, labor and delivery nurse etc.Clinical practice areas- There is wide range of opportunities which we come across inclinical practice areas. These are medical services, surgical services , specialised centres andalso providing emergency services. There are areas like preoperative services, hospitalservices and critical care services which provides a very good opportunity to learn in theclinical practice area.Administration- Administration deals with comprehensive data collection pertaining to thepatient’s issue, situation and trends. It attains knowledge and competency that shows in thenursing practice.Education-In this there is the use of extensive knowledge and competency that reflects on thenursing practice.Other-There is other areas like research, resource utilisation, leadership , advocacy on whicha nurse must work.How was the practice issue identified?
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