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Pizza App Prototype.

Added on -2019-09-16

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Pizza App PrototypeStep 1The employee is asked to enter the pizza size which are, small, medium, and largeThe following message will be displayed at the screen.Enter pizza size (s/m/l):Step 2The following menu will be displayed on the screen:Add topping (enter to stop) 1:Pepperoni, 2:Ham, 3:Pineapple, 4:Anchovies, 5:Peppers 6:Sweet Corn, 7:Sausage, 8:Mushrooms, 9 extra cheese:The employee will be able to include the topping desired by the customer by entering the number for the topping. The user will be able to include multiple toppings then press enter to stop and continue with next step.Step 3The following message will be displayed on the screen asking for the customer address.Enter Delivery Address:What if the customer wants to eat in or wait and take out?The employee will be able to enter the customer address and continue to the following step by pressing enter.Step 5The program will calculate the total price.Will this include additional items such as drinks or deserts or salads? Will you have a subtotal for the pizza cost, a subtotal for additional items, thetax, the total order cost?Features to be added:Multiple pizza order, add a soda, add toppings, and calculate taxes. These should already be added to the program at this prototype stage. How will you handle payment, cash/credit?All of the above needs to be broken into FUNCTIONS, with a function to display a menu, a function to calculate pizza cost, a functions to add additional items, a function to calculate total

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