Plan and Begin the Group Assignment

Added on - 21 Feb 2021

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Plan and Begin the Group
Topic: A self-group for carers of people with DementiaA self-help group can be defined as a support group, where people are worked foraccomplishment of a common goal. To begin with this concept, a group is formed for supportingpeople and carer takers of those individuals that are suffering from dementia. The main purposeof this group behind support is to enhance knowledge of carer takers, including family members,friends and all other people who are affected by such disease, about its symptoms and causes, sothat they can provide better care (Cheston and Marshall, 2019). Offering a break and chance tocaregivers to get out of the house, will help in encouraging them to take care of themselves forwell-being. A support group also provides an opportunity to caregivers for sharing their feelings,ideas and problems, who are undergoing with similar experiences. This would help carer takersin paying more attention to their own needs as well as begin to care of themselves. Sharing andhelping others, in such manner, provides the satisfaction. Thus, plan for organising a self-groupof people with dementia includes following main aims –To support caregivers to meet and provide mutual help on a regular basisTo enable caregivers to share their feelings and experiences with others who are facingsame problemsTo provide an opportunity to caregivers to acknowledge more about dementia and copeout from sameDementia refers to complex condition where experience of every affected person is different.However, many individuals living with dementia may face similar challenges like difficulty incommunication. Therefore, a small change can make a big difference for them in avoiding suchdifficulties or frustration (Davis, Deane and Lyons, 2019). For this purpose, an approach orsupport of self-care team can help such people in building and maintaining the good relationshipswith their family members. This early intervention team will support 340 people that are eithersuffered from dementia or affected by such individuals. At initial stage, respective team includesonly five members, where to recruit more interested people who want to join this group, sometechniques will be used. It includes announcement on radio and television to advertise ofcommunity events; publish notice of meeting in local newspaper; and some posters will also beplaced nearby hospitals, community centres, pharmacies and more. These advertising techniqueswill help in bringing awareness about how this self-care team will help caregivers in well-beingfrom dementia. It includes place and timings where meeting will be held, contact numbers and1
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